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What is CoverJunction?

CoverJunction is the place for creating, sharing and discovering the highest-quality Facebook Covers on the web - http://coverjunction.com.

How did CoverJunction start?

In September 2011, Facebook announced some of the biggest changes to its site in its 7-year history, which may well fundamentally change the way that we all interact with the site.

One of these changes was the launch of the brand new Facebook profile called “Timeline" which allows you to highlight, share and curate your favourite events, photos and updates from your entire life. The result is a little something like this:

At the very top of the new profile is a wide, prominent image known as a Cover. This unique image can be anything you want, and acts like a first impression to anyone visiting your profile.

We saw the addition of the Cover as the perfect opportunity to launch an online community dedicated to the creation, discovery and sharing of Facebook Covers. The result was CoverJunction.

Facebook Covers

What's great about CoverJunction?

CoverJunction is the only place to come for Facebook Covers:

1. It has the highest quality Facebook Covers on the web – From beautiful scenery and gorgeous abstracts to high-res sports crests and the hottest celebrities, CoverJunction has the widest range of high quality Facebook Covers online.

2. The special, custom-generated Facebook Covers – CoverJunction creates Facebook Covers that are unique to the user. From mosaics of your most liked photos to personalised Facebook friendship maps, it is the only place for a Facebook Cover that truly represents you.

3. Install to your Facebook page – Let fans add your Facebook Covers from your own Facebook page with the free CoverJunction Facebook app!

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Who created CoverJunction?

This application was built by Storm Ideas, a team who are passionate about the immediate and viral power of Facebook and Twitter.