Frequently asked questions about Facebook Covers

What is CoverJunction?

CoverJunction is the best place online to find, add and share high-quality Facebook Covers for your Profile.

What are Facebook Covers?

If you have the new Facebook profile, called ‘Timeline’, then you’ll be able to add a large image or ‘Cover’ to the top of your profile page.

Facebook Covers are like a wallpaper for your Facebook profile; they represent your feelings, likes, thoughts and personality, all through a single image at the top of your profile page. And as suppliers of the highest quality range of Facebook Covers on the web, CoverJunction is the only place to find covers that truly represent you.

Facebook explain the new Profile Timeline in this video:

I haven’t got the new Facebook Timeline profile. How do I get it?

If you haven’t yet received the new Facebook Timeline profile and can’t wait to get it, simply follow these instructions on popular and respected blog Mashable.

How do I add a Facebook Cover?

Adding a Facebook Cover is so simple:

  1. Find the Facebook Cover you want via search or by browsing our categories
  2. Click Add to my Profile and then go to your Facebook profile
  3. Click ‘Change Cover’ on your Cover photo, select ‘Choose from your photos’ and then select your Facebook Cover.

Are my Facebook login details protected?

Yes. CoverJunction uses Facebook Connect which allows users to login to applications without sharing their password. This secure method has been implemented around the CoverJunction site, allowing you greater peace of mind when creating or adding Facebook Covers.

I’ve seen a Facebook Cover that offends me. How can I report it?

If you send an email to with the Subject ‘Offensive Cover’, a link to the Facebook Cover and why you think it is offensive, then we will investigate.