12 Easy Ways to Fix Win­dows 10 PIN Error

Microsoft Windows 10 allows every user to secure the system with the help of a pin. In doing so, there will be no physical unauthorized access to your computer. As you know that in any system, minor problems are inevitable, so often the Pin feature might encounter a random real-time error. It might not work perfectly, shows the wrong pin, and various such issues. 

For example, suppose you have memorized the pin but somehow forgot it, then it can lead to some serious issue. Other than that if you have shared your system password with someone else, then the problem can initiate from there. So, whatever be the problems, you need to fix it to maintain the security of your computer. 

What are the Possible Causes?

There are some possible causes that are responsible for the generation of the problem. The caps lock key might be On, sudden changes in system language, presence of multiple user accounts, are few of the potential reasons that can lead to Windows 10 Pin not working. 

How to Fix the Windows 10 Pin Error?

You need to study and observe the best possible solutions that will help you to fix the issue. Let’s get to the solutions and you can try to implement them. 

Method 1: Delete the Items from Ngc Folder

The Ngc folder in the system contains the necessary files of the system. The files of your Windows 10 pin creation are also there. But, you cannot easily make changes into the Ngc folder. 

  • Open your system drive and find the Ngc folder. Right-click on it and select the ‘properties’. 
  • After that, when the Properties dialogue box opens, select the ‘Security’ tab and select ‘System’. Now, look downwards and choose ‘Advanced’. 
  • Look for the ‘Change’ option with a shield icon. In this menu, you can change, select, or create new user groups. 
  • Enter a name in the blank box, check for the duplicate names, and then click on ‘OK’. 
  • Now, open the ‘Advanced Security Settings’, tick on the checkbox beside ‘Replace owner on sub containers and objects’. 

Click on ‘OK’ and access the Ngc folder. Press the Ctrl+A and delete all the items in it. Now, you will be able to create a new pin of your OS. 

Solution 2:  Turn Off Caps Lock 

Various new models don’t have the caps lock indicator light. Thus, when you enter the pin, it is denied by the system. This can only happen if the caps lock is on. There is a minor mismatch between the password characters. Simply, check and turn it off. After that re-enter the pin. 

Solution 3: Select the Right Language 

The system language plays a very important role in creating and entering the password or pin. Changes can occur accidentally when you are playing games or doing any other task. Actually, the login screen language gets changed accidentally. 

So, the best way to resolve it is to check the system language from ‘System Properties’ to ‘This PC’. Now, open the interface where you can apply the pin, check whether the language is the same as the system language or not. If not, then change it to the system language. 

Solution 4: Delete Multiple User Accounts 

Seems to be like you are having more than one user account in your system. So, when the pin creates a problem, it’s the time to delete all the other accounts leaving behind the administrator. As usual, you are the admin of your computer, enter the correct pin and hopefully, it will work. 

Solution 5: Resolve On-screen Keyboard issues

Whenever you are about to type the pin, automatically the on-screen keyboard pops up. There might be some problems with the on-screen keyboard. So, if you are facing the pin issue, check whether the on-screen keyboard is corrupted or not. The best possible solution is to update the keyboard to its latest version. Download any third-party software or perform a Windows update to get the latest keyboard variant. 

Solution 6: Recreate your PIN

One of the best solutions is to re-create the pin from scratch. Open the ‘Settings’ and navigate to the ‘Accounts’ section. Now, select the ‘Sign-in’ options and you will find ‘I forgot my PIN’. Click on it and you will receive a confirmation message. Hit the ‘Continue’ button, create a new pin, confirm it, and click on ‘OK’. 

Solution 7: Remove and Re-insert the Battery

When your pin doesn’t work, there is a little trick which you can easily apply to resolve it. Now, this process will only work, if you are having a laptop. While your computer is on, remove the battery. While performing the process, you might have to remove some of the screws. Do it with the help of a screwdriver. Wait for a few minutes, reinsert the battery and turn your computer on. Hopefully, this trick will work. 

Solution 8: It’s better to use a Password

Well, everybody might not be so comfortable with a PIN. They can easily forget them somehow. So, if you set a password along with the pin, then it will be much easier for you to open your computer. Click on the sign-in options and select your Microsoft account. 

After that, apply the Microsoft account password to open your computer. In case, you are using the offline Windows or its trial version, then the password facility will not work. 

Solution 9: Remove the Security Software

It usually happens when the third-party tools interfere with the functions of your PC. When your PIN is not working properly, then it might due to the antivirus software. In order to fix the issue, you have to temporarily disable the antivirus software. 

It is better that you completely remove all the anti-virus and all the files associated with it. Normally uninstalling the application leaves the log files in the system registry. That is why the best option is to use a Removal Tool. Select a good one, download and install it, and remove the antivirus software with ease. 

Solution 10: Permutate to the Previous Build

This procedure has a high possibility of resolving the issue. Click on the ‘Start’ menu and choose the ‘Power’ icon. Hold down the Shift key and click on option ‘Restart’. A list of options will appear. Click on ‘Troubleshoot’ and then move on to ‘Advanced’ options. After that, select ‘See more recovery options’. 

Now, you will see ‘Go back to the previous build’ option, choose your admin account. It will take a few hours to complete the entire process. Make sure no interruption takes place during the process. 

Solution 11: Create and Log in with Local Account

Open the ‘Settings’ and access the ‘Accounts’. Now, click on the option ‘Sign in with a local account instead’. Enter the desired password and create a local account. Create a password that you can easily remember. Click on ‘Next’ and finish the task. 

Solution 12: Make Changes in Group Policy

Open the Run dialogue box and type ‘gpedit.msc’. When the Group Policy Editor opens, click on ‘Administrative Templates’. Then, click on ‘System’ and go to ‘Log on’. 

Double click on ‘Turn on convenience PIN sign-in’. Now, select the ‘Enabled’ radio button. To finish the task, click on the OK button. 

You can try to implement the best possible solution and pick the one that suits your preference. And, the bonus is that if one method fails, you have 11 other way outs. So, try them.

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