3 Steps To Convert Your Word File To PDF With PDFBear

Because of the constant and rapid development of technology, almost anything is possible!

Electronic file sharing has never been so easy and convenient compared to what we have right now. There is no need for unnecessary printing or traveling because we can now send and receive files via the internet. Today, schools, offices, business establishments, etc., settle on online file-sharing as it is the most convenient, fastest, and easiest means.

And when it comes to the file format, PDF is the standard, if not the most commonly used type of file. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a “read-only” document, which means that users can only view the content in the file but can’t make any modifications. The file you will open will be the same as how you saved it. People find this very reliable because they do not have to worry about the document’s disarrangement when opened by some or uncalled editing. Also, with PDF, you can upload, download, share, open and print them with no trouble since it is accessible by almost all devices and internet browsers!

Where To Convert Word Files to PDF

As PDF has been the most used file, online sites relating to PDF tools have come about as well. There is a wide range of websites on the internet that cater to PDF-related services such as conversion, file viewing, editing, organization, optimization, e-signing, security, etc. You can check out the website, PDFBear. A lot of people agree that PDFBear is the perfect site for conversion because of how easy it is to use. Feel free to visit them and you will see for yourself why it is the most convenient, efficient, and comfortable to use.

Most of these service sites are free and accessible to any device and browser; all you need is to be connected to the internet. Some also offer their premium features through a membership that you can sign up for. It would cost around $5.99 a month or  $59.99 for a year which is pretty affordable compared to professional software. So if you want to explore and work with more of their tools, you can attempt their free trials. There is no harm in testing as it might be the one you are looking for.

Now you know where to go, you can convert your Word doc to PDF in no time

Step-by-Step to Convert Word Files to PDF

1.  Upload Your Word File

First, you will have to upload your word document file to the website’s server. To do this, click the Browse File or Select Files button and select the file you wish to upload from your device. Then, click Open. Another simple way is to drag and drop the file to the working area.

For free features, you can only upload the word documents one at a time. Converting multiple word files to PDF in one sitting can be done if you avail yourself of their premium membership as it is a pro tool. If you are dealing with many files and wish to convert bulks of documents, these pro features can be beneficial. Certainly, it will be worth the investment as it will save you a lot of time and effort!

2.  Wait for the conversion to complete

Your word file will immediately be processed, analyzed, and then converted after it is uploaded to the server. Depending on the file’s size and your internet connection, the waiting period is usually only a minute or less for the process to complete. Despite the waiting time, converting files online, specifically word documents to PDF, is still the easiest and quickest method. There is no need to do anything after the file is uploaded other than waiting. The server will do all the work!

3.  Download and Share the PDF file

Finally, down to the last step! Once the conversion process is done, the server will be sending you to another page for you to download your file. There will be several options on how you want to save and share your PDF file.

If you want to save the file directly to your computer or device, click the Download button and the file will automatically start downloading.

Most online PDF tool sites generate a shareable link that you can copy and send out, so people have to click it for them to download the file. This feature is very helpful because you can send it to one or many people with ease, and they can download and open it easily as well. Another awesome feature is that you can send the PDF file via e-mail with a personal message to a specified recipient with you as the sender. This conversion method is indeed so convenient and simple from start to finish!

Also, take note that your files will not stay on the server for too long. It will be deleted after conversion, so rest assured your files are safe and will not go around without your knowledge.

Optional Step

You can add an extra layer of protection to your PDF file by using the lock or security PDF tool. It will assist you in locking your file with a password so that only a limited number of people can view the file. This tool is handy, especially if your files contain private and sensitive information.

The process is also simple and easy as you will only have to upload and enter the password you want. Make sure that you remember the file’s password so you won’t have to deal with any trouble in the future.


With just three easy steps, your word file is now converted to PDF! There are a bunch of other methods to convert files to PDF, like through professional converting software or also through word processor apps. But getting it done online is agreed by many to be the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way. You can also convert PDF files back to word documents through the PDF tools using PDFBear!


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