40 Best Tech Topics for Students’ Paper Writing

Technologies have long become incredibly rooted in and relevant in our lives. These days, we use it all over the place. We leverage it for studies, work, business, communication, leisure, and plenty of other things.

Being such a huge part of our lives, technology inevitably becomes a big topic in education too. Students often explore this topic across all subject verticals. And, of course, they often get to write academic papers on this subject.

If you were also assigned to craft a paper on technology and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, an experienced paper writing expert will tell you about the key attributes of a brilliant paper topic, share tips on how to find a suitable subject, and also give you the top 40 awesome tech topics that you can use for your assignments.

Qualities of a Great Tech Topic

In paper writing, the quality of the topic is nearly 50% of the success. If you pick a good subject, you should be able to easily find the needed supporting materials and craft an A-level work in less time and with less stress. However, if the selected subject isn’t good, the writing process will be a real challenge.

Before we give you more tips and examples of topics, it’s crucial that you see the difference between a “bad” and a “good” subject. Here are the key attributes of a good one:

  • It’s neither too long nor too short;
  • It’s up-to-date, meaningful, and relevant;
  • It’s precise;
  • It’s easy to understand for your readers;
  • It’s precise, well-defined, and researchable;
  • It addresses an important problem;
  • It’s interesting both to you and your readers.

Steps for Choosing the Best Paper Subjects

Although many students don’t pay due attention to it, the choice of the topic is no less significant and responsible than paper writing itself. Before you find the best subject, you need to take a number of steps and conduct some research to ensure success.

Here’s what you should do to find the best subject for your assignment.

Read and understand the assignment first 

First of all, you should always read the given assignments. Study the provided guidelines carefully to make sure that you know what exactly is expected of you and that you are on the same page with your professor. Feel free to clarify any requirements if anything is unclear to you.

Brainstorm ideas 

In most cases, you won’t be able to come up with a brilliant subject right away. So take some time to brainstorm and write down your ideas. Later, you will research each idea to see which will provide enough scope for your paper.

Do background research 

Go over your list of ideas to see which subjects are researchable and can offer you enough supporting materials. You want to find enough information, stats, facts, and other things that can support your ideas on a specific subject matter.

Narrow down the chosen topic 

Once you do some research, you should be able to choose the most relevant and researchable one. After you do this, narrow down your subject and identify the main research question.

Narrow down the chosen topic

40 Tech Topics for Your Academic Papers

So you already know what a good topic looks like and what steps you need to take to find one. This knowledge should help you nail paper writing with ease.

If you are still not sure which subject to pick for your next assignment, we have you covered. In this part of our guide, we will share with you a list of the best examples of tech topics for different fields of study:

Computer & Robotics

  1. The Development of Robotics in the 21st Century
  2. Potential Threats of Robotics
  3. Is Robots’ Revolution a Real Danger?
  4. The Use of Electrical Circuits in Robotics
  5. Potential Threats of Computer Science
  6. The Future of the Internet of Things 
  7. Machine Learning in Data Mining

Artificial Intelligence

  1. The Rise of AI
  2. Current Opportunities for AI Development
  3. Are the Dangers of AI Real?
  4. How Is AI Connected With Creativity?
  5. Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Workforce Completely?
  6. How AI Is Transforming the Entertainment Sector
  7. The Possible Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Education


  1. How Are Technologies Changing Education?
  2. The Pros and Cons of Replacing Traditional Classrooms With Virtual Ones
  3. The Most Beneficial Tech Trends for Education
  4. The Future of Educational Technologies
  5. The Pros and Cons of Gamified Learning
  6. The Downsides of Technology Use in the Classroom
  7. Ways AI and Machine Learning Simplify Teachers’ Lives


  1. History of Space Research
  2. The Future of the Space Sector
  3. How Did Spacecraft Engineering Transform Over the Past Decade?
  4. The Use of High Tech in Space
  5. How Technology Helps Us Prepare Future Space Specialists


  1. How Innovations Improve the Quality of Healthcare Services
  2. Human Cloning Pros and Cons
  3. Are Human Identity Chips a Real Thing?
  4. How Does In Vitro Fertilization Benefit From Technological Advancements?
  5. Can Genetically Modified Food Solve the Global Hunger Problem?
  6. The Future of Genetic Engineering
  7. What’s the Morale Behind Genetic Experiments?

Gaming, Gadgets & Media

  1. History of Media Development
  2. Does Excessive Use of Social Media Help or Harm Students?
  3. Is Gaming Really Linked to Child and Teen Violence?
  4. The Pros and Cons of Long-Distance Friendships and Relationships
  5. How the Internet and Media Help Us Build Stronger Bonds Between Different Generations
  6. The Use of Social Media in Modern Classrooms
  7. Is Internet Addiction a Big Problem Among Youth?

The Bottom Line

Paper writing has never been easy. According to numerous surveys, this kind of assignment is one of the biggest stress factors facing modern students in schools and colleges. However, while academic writing is always hard on its own, finding the right topics for your papers can be even harder.

Luckily, now you are well-equipped for success. After reading this guide, you should know what a great tech topic looks like and how to find one. Also, you now have a list of great examples that you can use for your assignments right now.

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