5 Best Countries to Outsource Software Development

Outsourcing software development has been an appealing option to American, Australian, and Western European companies. This has largely been due to the cost-benefit that comes with it. When you decide to outsource your software development, you should bear in mind that there are countries that do very well in software development. This article will guide you on the best countries for software development.

Best countries to outsource software development.


When it comes to software development, India beats many countries in this field and is one of the best countries for serious consideration. The STEM subjects in India are of high quality, and graduating from such courses shows a serious commitment. India has a highly educated population with a robust IT ecosystem. Colleges and universities in the country are making more progress in investing in IT courses.

But perhaps one of the greatest benefits of working with Indian IT companies is that the products and services in the country are affordable. With a lower cost of living, Indians can charge relatively less compared to their Western counterparts.

But you can face a problem of cultural differences and communicational issues with Indian specialists.


Ukraine has a robust IT sector which shows potential for growth each year. Globally, the tech industry in Ukraine is recognized, and its professionals are highly appreciated. With a large pool of IT professionals in the country, a company can hire and maintain a high-tech team. With proper planning, American and Ukrainian teams can communicate effectively because the time difference is manageable.

Many IT recruitment agencies in UK, Israel, Germany, Sweden, the USA, Canada, etc., choose Ukraine as the best tech hub to find the right talents quickly and cost-efficiently.


China has a high population and a large number of tech graduates joining the martlet each year. The country has a large pool of software developers, AI experts, and data scientists. Many of these professionals have already dealt with complex and global projects and they are therefore a good option for outsourcing software development. The good thing about choosing China for your IT needs is that you will pay lower rates than in the US thereby saving on your overhead costs.

The biggest tech hubs in China are Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Similarly, there are emerging tech cities such as Nanjing and Wuhan.


Poland is one of the best destinations for outsourcing your software development, and it ranks higher than traditional economies such as the Netherlands and Sweden. Experts have noted that Poland ranks high in the quality that local talents show on matters that are related to the IT industry. The programmers in Poland are considered world-class.

The time difference between the US and Poland is manageable. For example, California and Poland have a 9-hour difference. With proper planning, teams in these two locations can have real-time communication.

A significant number of Poles are fluent in English, and communication with such teams will not be a problem. Many Poles can speak other languages too such as French and German. If you want to expand your business globally, working with such teams will come in handy in exploring new opportunities and settling down in new countries.

As an American company, you will be surprised by how much money you can save by outsourcing your software development to Poland. Some American companies have been able to save as much as 50 % on the cost of IT human resources.

The Philippines

A majority of the people in the Philippines can speak English, and can fluently do so. One of the most notable benefits of outsourcing your software development to the Philippines is that the government has created a favorable environment for such processes. Moreover, the country has a comprehensive and strong legal system which will be of great benefit to you should you need legal recourse. The Philippines has a lower cost of labor compared to many countries.


Accelerated digitization has increased, and increased working-from-home opportunities, and enterprise applications, have increased the preference for outsourcing software development. Faced with a shortage of IT experts in the country, Western companies are turning to outsourcing software development as a viable and sustainable solution for staff recruitment. The discussed best countries to outsource software development will help you make an informed decision.

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