Write and Provide: 5 Easy Steps to Become a Reliable Content Writer

A content writer concentrates on providing relevant information or knowledge about a particular subject matter such as brands, movies, products, ideas, etc. A content writer is someone who writes about anything and everything under the sun. But such content writers do not write aimlessly. They must have a goal, and that goal is to entice the target readers to read their entire content and have them persuaded by that content.

However, it is not enough to only know how to write or only know what they are writing about. Writers need to possess the good qualities of a content writer to educate and persuade their target readers to read their content. Here are some of the qualities a content writer must possess.

Having the Right Tools

Before you start being a content writer, you should always have the right tools. If you want your content to be easily seen online, it needs to follow proper search engine optimization or SEO guidelines. Any deviation from the rules might result in content not getting published. If it does get posted by some chance, the website that published that content can be penalized by Google. Tools for character counter with spaces, grammar, and word processing are very important, among many other tools that we’ll get into in a bit.

Having the right tools helps you with SEO guidelines so that your content can fit better and is optimized the right way. Aside from the three aforementioned tools, here are some more tools that you need to have:

  • Copyscape – Another popular tool to check an article for any plagiarism.
  • Any tool that helps check site metrics
  • Google Images – You can find copyright, royalty-free images to use on your articles in Google

Remember, following SEO guidelines increase the chances of your article getting published. Ultimately, the goal of the writer is to not only provide a good, informative article, but to get it published and help the website that published it to rank up as well. With the right tools, a content writer can easily accomplish those goals.

Coming up With a Suitable Topic 

A good content writer must know what they are talking about. If you aspire to be a good content writer, you must be knowledgeable enough about the topic you are writing about.  A content writer’s job isn’t only writing an article, but also providing relevant information to your readers. You must actually know what you are trying to say. 

Most of all, the topic must be well-researched. A good content writer must satisfy their readers’ thirst for knowledge on a topic they are discussing. Otherwise, their readers would find their article unreliable and doubtful. For instance, if you are talking about the importance of keeping your body healthy, you should provide details about the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, how to remedy it, and the steps to living a healthy lifestyle.

Knowing Your Audience

Content writing is all about writing informative content for someone. And so you need to know who your readers are because a written article would be rendered useless if nobody will read it. It would be best to research the kinds of people who will most likely read your article to serve its purpose. 

For instance, an article about excelling in law school is intended for law students and not for medical students. Or an article about being a good cook is intended for those who love to cook. Thus, it is essential to know whom to convey your article.

Knowing Your Purpose

What is the objective of your topic or article? Are you trying only to lay down facts about a specific topic? Or are you trying to persuade your readers into believing the content of your article?

Whatever it is, you must be sure of your purpose. If you want your readers to watch this or that movie, then you must be convincing enough for them to watch it.

You must describe the scenarios and explain their meaning so that your readers can connect to the movie and maybe entice your audience to watch it. If you merely intend to lay down facts about a specific topic, your tone must be neutral and unbiased since your purpose is only to provide facts and not to convince. 

Conveying a Message Properly

Knowing your topic and your readers are useless if you do not know how to convey your message correctly. Conveying your message means observing the rules on grammar and syntax. You must be logical, too, in writing your article so that your readers would get the message and won’t be confused in trying to understand the same.

Your article must be direct, concise, substantial, engaging, and interesting. It must be appropriately edited and polished so that your readers would understand what you are trying to convey. For instance, you should not consume the entire page only for the introduction. 


Knowing how to write isn’t the only thing you need to become a good content writer. Although being a writer isn’t easy, it certainly isn’t impossible. The tips mentioned above will undoubtedly help you become a reliable writer.

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Maria Colombo
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