5 of the Best Google Chrome Tips and Tricks for Power Users

The internet is such a large part of our everyday lives and is used for so many different tasks. It can help children with schoolwork and adults stay connected with old friends. In order to use the internet to its optimal potential, certain tricks can be applied to make things easier, especially if you are using Chrome as your browser. We will be breaking down these tips and tricks below!

1. Multiple Pages at Start

It is likely that you have a certain routine that you perform every time you turn on your computer at the start of a workday. For example, many people will immediately open their email, the system that they use for work, and some news sites. Opening all these sites every day is a bit of a time-waster, and this can be improved. Chrome allows you to open several pages at once as opposed to having one singular homepage at startup. If you are interested in trying this out, the directions are as follows:
• Open all the pages that you would like to have
• In the address bar, type “chrome://settings”
• Click on “On startup” and then “Open a specific page or set of pages.” At this point, you will click “use current pages” or “add a new page” if you want to add another later on

2. Address Bar Calculator

A little-known fact is that Chrome allows you to perform calculations right in the address bar. This can be helpful if you are in a video meeting or on the phone, and you need to calculate a sum quickly. The address bar can determine the answer for simple equations that use operators such as +,-,*,/, and %. You do not even need to press enter, as you can see the answer listed below the bar.

3. Reopening Tabs

When you are working quickly, it can be easy to delete a tab that you still needed accidentally. This can be frustrating and result in lost time when you try and find the correct page again. Chrome has a way to solve this. If you close a tab by accident, you can press Ctrl + Shift + T on a Windows or Cmd + Shift + T on a Mac to reopen it. This will work for multiple tabs and keep reopening them in reverse order.

4. Extensions

Chrome has thousands of different extensions to choose from to enhance your internet experience. For instance, if you are a power user, you probably have way too many bookmarks saved on your browser. It can be annoying to sort through the dropdown list to find the one that you want. Chrome has an extension called Holmes that will allow you to use the address bar to find the bookmark that you want.
If you want to manage your Chrome extensions settings, that can be easily accomplished. You will just have to open Chrome and select the three vertical dots to open the menu. Then select “More tools” and “extensions.” When you are at this stage, you can make any adjustments you want. You can add or delete extensions, or you can examine the full details relating to any of them.

5. Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is a feature in Chrome that allows you to browse in private. None of your browsing histories gets stored, and no passwords or usernames get remembered. You can access incognito mode by selecting the three vertical dots and opening the menu. Then click “new incognito window.” Using this mode will allow you to log into two separate Google accounts at once. For instance, you might have your personal work email open on one tab, and a shared work email open in incognito mode. In addition to this, browsing in incognito can save you money when you shop online. This is because some online retailers will save cookies on your computer when you shop on your regular Chrome tab. Using this information, they will raise the prices when you return to the site to buy something else.

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