5 Times Your SME Might Need an Employment Lawyer

Anyone who becomes involved in the process of starting their own business would do well to speak with an employment lawyer, first. This article explores the top 5 reasons why your business is better off with legal support.

A lawyer’s advice can be the making or breaking of a company. Not only must the company itself compliance with local regulations, but every product that a company sells should also come under this same scrutiny. Public liability is a real responsibility to the modern business. Hiring an employment lawyer allows you to be proactive with legal implications.

The 5 Times Your Business Might Need an Employment Lawyer

There are times in your business life where you absolutely must hire an employment lawyer. Here are the 5 situations where your business will need one.

1 – Data Breaches

According to HKM, the expert lawyers based in Houston, data breaches are a rising problem for the modern business. As we move through the digital era, the chance of a cyber-attack becomes increasingly real. Added to that elevated risk, each data breach comes with thousands and thousands of dollars of damage – not to mention the irreparable damage to your reputation.

2 – Improved efficiency during starting up

A lawyer will help your business become more efficient from the get-go, should you seek out their services while you are still a startup. They can advise you of potential legal issues, highlighting them before they become a real problem. They can advise you on necessary insurance, on paperwork, and on filing the appropriate information with your local authority. When it comes to starting a business, an employment lawyer is the safest way to protect those interests’ long term.

3 – Employee Contracts

Setting up employee contracts should never be just you downloading a template from the internet. Instead, you need tailored contracts which are specific to your area of business. Without a totally tailored contract for your new employees, you risk missing out vital components which would otherwise leave loopholes in the contract. Loopholes might leave you out of pocket when a staff member leaves. Worse, they could leave you in breach of employment law.

4 – Discrimination and Policy Setting

If you go into business without any decisions on anti-discrimination during the hiring process, you may end up hiring a middle-aged white man for every position. If you look around your office and find the building full of one demographic of workers, you may be in breach of diversity laws. Make sure you seek an employment lawyer to tidy those loose ends before they happen.

5 – Whistleblowers

In the unlikely event that your company has a whistleblower who uncovers your less than ethical behind the scenes activities then you may actually deserve the negative publicity. However, if you handle this the wrong way, you will do irrevocable damage to your reputation. Just seek help from a professional, it could save your business.

An Employment Lawyer is a Safe Bet

Put simply, having an employment lawyer on retainer is one of the best things you can do for your SME. Are you lawsuit ready?

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Maria Colombo
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