5 Ways You Can Write Better in College Using Writing Tools

Students face paper writing during their entire studying in college. Today we will tell you how to write better in college using writing tools.

Students write papers at school, but teachers do not impose such strict requirements on papers as college teachers.

What is a Paper?

A paper is a work for which students collect information from various sources and sometimes from personal experience. It is a summary of a given topic. Many students now use AI tools if they don’t know what to write on a given topic. But they need to be careful as more and more teachers check papers to see if they’ve been generated. Therefore, you should always use the AI content detectors after you have used the tools for generating. Do not forget to make edits if the text is not “human” enough.

Ways you can write better in college using writing tools

So, let’s take a look at how AI tools can help in writing college papers (with the help of artificial intelligence, you can get help in writing the following papers: essays, term papers and dissertations, thesis, etc.). Before you start working on a paper, you should choose its topic.

1. Choose a better topic for a paper

If the teacher gave the opportunity to independently choose the topic of the paper, then usually students first look for available materials on the discipline and then, based on the analysis, choose the topic of research. That is, it takes some time. AI tools select a research topic in the following way: it independently generates a list of paper topics in a particular discipline. If a teacher didn’t give you a list of topics to choose from, we believe that this function is important for writing papers.


The topic of the paper must be agreed upon with the teacher, so if you want to use the capabilities of AI tools and write a paper on a topic generated by artificial intelligence, coordinate it with the teacher.

2. Draw up a detailed plan

After the topic is chosen, it is necessary to write the content of the paper. You should understand that the plan should be expanded (sections, paragraphs) if you write a term paper or coursework, while a simple plan (names of questions) is compiled when writing essays. We recommend asking questions to AI tools extensively; only then will you get the result you need.

Artificial intelligence can be used when compiling the content of a paper, but partially (from the proposed content, we recommend choosing those titles of sections and paragraphs that you can really write, that is, taking into account the available material and discarding what is not needed to cover the topic).

3. Write an introduction indicating the relevance

Let’s start writing the introduction. You should ask questions separately for each element of the introduction: relevance, the purpose of the study, research objectives (write yourself according to the approved content), and other elements. AI tools offer a “line” for your introduction – you can write the rest yourself. That is, we see that AI tools give you the opportunity to write an introduction. However, you must “manage” the artificial intelligence yourself, indicating what exactly to write in the introduction.

Writing an introduction using AI tools will reduce the time to justify the relevance of the research topic and disclose other structural elements of the introduction, but specific questions must be asked: research methods, object, and the subject of research. If you have minimal experience with AI tools, it will not take more time than writing an introduction yourself.

4. Write a unique theoretical part

Now you need to write a theoretical section. Here we want to admit that AI tools are good helpers in creating unique text. However, it should be noted that you can write a high-quality theoretical part subject to the following conditions:

Clearly define the structure of each paragraph (this is due to the fact that AI tools generate small amounts of text (0.5-1 page), so you should determine what questions to ask artificial intelligence. For example, to write paragraph 1.1 “The essence and meaning of commercial services”) in international business, we recommend asking artificial intelligence the following questions:

  • Reveal the essence of commercial services.
  • Give ten definitions of commercial services (at the same time, AI tools cannot compile a table with the author’s definitions of this term – they give several definitions but do not indicate authorship but generate random names. Therefore, if you need such a table, you must work on your own).
  • What is international business?
  • What are the functions and principles of providing commercial services in international business?
  • What is the importance of commercial services for the development of international business?

Proofread the text for the absence of repetitions of information in different words because artificial intelligence can generate an answer to the same question in different words. Special attention is needed to the semantic content.

Proofread the text on account of the correctness of the definitions

AI tools provide a good opportunity to save time in writing the theoretical part of the paper, but you should pay attention to the following:

  • Be sure to proofread the text for spelling and stylistic errors.
  • You should not copy the text without understanding it (because some of the generated definitions may not be correct enough).
  • There are no references to sources in the text, and you will put them down yourself (if the teacher checks the correspondence of the text to the indicated sources, significant problems may arise).

5. Write a conclusion faster

In this case, AI tools can help by writing conclusions in the theoretical section – ask the right questions and get general conclusions. Conclusions in the analytical and recommendatory sections should be written independently according to the results of the study.

Progress does not stand still. However, don’t count on AI tools only to write high-quality papers quickly and for free. This is especially true for papers with practical parts – in this case, AI tools will not help at all. Therefore, be responsible for the paper writing and contact specialists if you need help.

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