7 Cartier Tank Watches That Screams Decency and Elegance

The corporate industry’s evolution comes from far different angles; the source of business’s progression, the factors that affect enterprises, how the companies evolved, how the operations and processes function, how the business people work, how the fashion changes from time to time. 

Fashion never dies, but it always changes. Physical appearance is a significant factor to consider in the corporate industry. One can make a substantial impact before even opening mouths by looking dashing and respectable. Skills can be taught and trained, but so is preparing one’s self to appear appropriately attractive.  

The Impact of Watches in Corporate Fashion

The Cartier Tank watches continue to elevate one’s standardized slick elegance. It continues to exceed expectations from its users as it can tether their client’s focused attention to their watches and somehow close better deals.  These watches were created way back in 1917 by Louis Carter. Quite surprising, these watches continue to grow despite being very old in the market.

Generating sales and gaining client’s commitments require a heavy dose of salesmanship. The first step to being an effective salesman is to have a touch of elegance and decency. Your appearance causes a massive impact on the other party you are transacting with; this is where you make an impression and gain your target person’s respect and attention.

In corporate fashion, the four main accessories one must be particular with are shoes, belts, bags, and watches. Aside from having dashing suits and ties, these are the accessories that can captivate your client’s attention and even increase the possibilities of transpiring favorable responses. 

Cartier Tank Americaine 

The Cartier Tank Americaine Collection belongs to the most featured designs of its watches. Its popular signature style of rectangular stainless steel with black indexes and silver dial signifies the brand’s image: Luxury, elegance, and decency. The blue steel hands and alligator leather strap also add to the Cartier Tank Americaine watch’s classy look. 

The Tank Americaine is a water-resistant watch that measures 45.10 mm x 26.60 mm. The comfort and professional look it can give is remarkable. The Tank Americaine had developed a robust feature wherein it can automatically move along the water resistance up to 30 meters. Quite the ideal wristwatch for gentlemen of any age. 

Cartier Tank MC 44 mm x 34.3 mm Automatic Blue Dial Stainless Steel

The Cartier Tank MC is luxury at its finest. The elegance of its blue dial stainless steel and crocodile skin leather strap can make you look like a member of The Kingsman. The Cartier Tank edition’s consistency is quite surprising as it continues to create luxurious wristwatches that can dazzle us with their beauty. 

The silver-toned markings and roman numerals are well-combined with the blue dial dark as the midnight sky. The dark blue strap also enhances its appearance’s expensive taste; comfort and luxury can be well achieved with the Cartier Tank MC. The dark aura it induces can make you deliver a powerful yet attractive presence. 

Cartier Tank MC 34.30 mm Automatic 

This wristwatch is a perfect fit for a middle-aged gentleman attending a grand event; the Cartier Tank MC W5330003 projects luxury and masculinity at the same time. The design has an excellent balance of professionalism and impression. The white dial complements well with its sophisticated black leather strap and has a small subdial for date reviewing. 

The Cartier Tank MC W5330003 can go well with your suits of any color. Its color combination takes a safer play in matching with your outfit. The neutrality of its colors still creates a stunning impact, and its versatility makes it a must-have for gentlemen’s watch enthusiasts. 

Cartier Tank Solo 31.00 mm Automatic Silver Dial Stainless Steel

The Tank Solo Collection made another thing of beauty last 2012 by introducing the Cartier Tank Solo Automatic Silver Dial Stainless Steel wristwatch. This can go very well with your midnight blue and black suits along with sharp-edged brown leather shoes. Stainless watches can never go wrong in handling corporate outfits. 

The design is simple yet dashingly elegant that fits perfect for cocktail parties and conferences. The bold black indexes perfectly mix with the silver dial and Roman numeral markers.

It also has a matte finish to extend your confidence to the maximum level and carry yourself like a true gentleman.

Cartier Tank Solo 31 mm x 24.4 mm Quartz Silver Dial 18kt Rose Gold and Stainless Steel

Ladies are also fond of sophisticated wristwatches and match them with various outfits on different occasions. Whether it is a cocktail party, a convention, or a casual get-together, women are flexible in mixing up their style. The Cartier Tank Solo 31 for ladies is a must-have because of its unique timepiece design and elegant rose gold touch. 

Cartier has made a flawless finish and maximizes all there is to design its timepiece perfectly. Its opaline silver dial complements its 18kt rose gold and stainless steel, making it the ideal professional watch for women. 

Cartier Tank Américaine 34.80 mm x 19 mm Quartz Silver Dial Stainless Steel

The long and slim features provide a more elongated look, a perfect fit for women’s smooth and flawless skin. The Cartier Tank Américaine is composed of a royal blue alligator strap, blue hands, and silver dials. Women can look extra stunning with this exceptionally luxurious watch. Its stainless steel fixed bezel and Roman numeral numbering add class to the user. 

This Tank Américaine is a perfect choice if you are planning to attend a party of luxury. Cartier will never disappoint when it comes to image and reputation; you will come to an understanding with a person who is also very particular with watches. Only people of high standards will truly appreciate Cartier, and that might be your target client. 


The swift and drastic changes in fashion are noticeable, but some fail to show its cycle entirety. The only thing left constant in this busy world is change, even in the corporate and fashion industry. However, there are still some classics wherein they remain remarkable despite being raveled by time, including watches such as Cartier Tank.  

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