8 Main Reasons For Mobile App Failure And How To Prevent It

Even the greatest idea, in theory, may turn into a total disaster when bringing it into reality and making it work. The pursuit of eternal wealth that an app development promises sometimes may blind potential glitches and drawbacks. That results in loss of time, energy, money, and a state-of-art work of IT talents, be it Android developers, or iOS ones.

8 Main Reasons For Mobile App Failure

Before you start brainstorming ways to prevent failures and searching for the best options to hire an Android developer,  you have to learn who your “enemies” are and address them on a first-name basis. “Forewarned is forearmed” never wears itself out. Surely, it is impossible to predict all, however, the major 8 reasons below are generously shared with you.

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1. Lack of research

Unfortunately, the app should not be developed just because it sounds like a good idea. The idea must go along with a solid back-up, researched data-wise. Every bit of the knowledge gathered ( market needs, competition environment, target audience, features relevance, usability, etc) will define how well the app will be perceived and what future it is destined to have.

2. Compromised marketing

Even the best products or services won’t stand a chance if they are not marketed properly. Anything can be sold and loved, as long as its information is delivered correctly using the most efficient marketing strategies. To get the word out to as many clients as possible, you can use an SMS gateway API to automate texts and integrate them with your apps in order to create more leads and improve your bottom line. Using an SMS API makes life easier for you because it enables you to improve your app’s results through text message integration. An API allows you to send thousands of text messages anywhere in the world so you can connect with your target market immediately.

3. No alignment with a real world

If the app does not align with the present-day needs of the user it will not be appreciated, used, downloaded, and… the list may proceed. The description may promise one thing, however, the bulk of features have nothing to do with that. Anything and everything being created must solve customers’ issues, dictated by real-world experiences. The shift from being focused on profit solely aims at adding value.  

4. Scarcity of competitive odds

Let’s think of an app that might be interesting for various audiences: step tracking apps. Either people go to Play Market, or App Store, they will be forced to scroll a lot to know which one to choose, some features will look more beneficial to them, some they will naturally disregard. Your task as a developer, or an idea-bearer is to make sure all the features are standing out among the others and are ready to satisfy the needs better than the competitor will do. 

5. Neglected UX

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Great, practical features, maybe not appreciated if UX moments are far from what is currently in trend and valued by users. If the user does not feel comfortable interacting with the app, it will have no chance for a bright and profitable future. App development, UX-wise,  relies big-time on who it is developed for and what are the best practices to make the audience wanna use it.

6. Poor testing

If the app buttons do not do what they have to, or the promised action does not happen when it should, the user will go away and find something else less bugged, with much clearer behavior. Therefore mind constant checking, testing, updating, and improving. Perfection will not be achieved and occasional bugs may reveal themselves, but it should not be a permanent condition.

7. Time-consuming 

If it takes a lot of time processing it will not be considered for further usage. The ruthless reality, indeed. Things must work fast and correctly. Miss on one  –  get ready to crash. Whether it is web development on Android, creating apps on IDE, or else, make sure it agrees with the user’s time-frames expectations.

8. Budgeting 

Financial resource allocation in app development is a powerful card. Do not be thrifty if you are after formidable quality. It costs. However, be smart about the areas that might need more financial attention, and which ones may not be that money-anxious. Smart planning alongside decent research and analytics will create wallet-friendly experiences. Consult, get professional advice. Even Android forums may come in handy to clarify what expenses are smart.

Preventive Measures

What are the ways to prevent these failures from happening? Before getting carried away with the brilliant idea of an app, make sure that major aspects are taken into consideration and do not let the abstract picture of the upcoming success ( quite far-fetched one, though) blind your practical and analytical vision. 

For starters, you must choose the right team of developers, marketing departments, and content creators. High-profile specialists are a big part of your anti-fail insurance due to their expertise and tech perception of the environment.

Do not be greedy when implementing the latest technology approaches, or less the latest like let’s say, machine learning for android developers or iOS ones, but still proven to be effective for app development.

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Attention to detail, thorough analysis, “developed-for-people” approach, readiness to improve and upgrade, and being open to learning from the best ensure the app to have a long and fruitful life. 

Apps To Learn From 

By the way, it’s been mentioned already that to fight the storm of survival the app must be competitive. Well, it would be smart to dive near the competitors’ shores and check through the weak and strong points, using the information accordingly. 

Also, you may learn from those who have earned decent popularity on the market and keep on holding to a strong position. According to Statista the most popular apps in Summer 2021 were Instagram – needless to comment why, Trading Master 3D – Fidget Pop – go figure, Snapchat – classy. Try to trace what makes them stay on top and see how certain features may be beneficial for the app you have in mind.  

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Last Time, NeuroNation, MoodBites are new guys on the block, according to makeuseof.com, however,  already making quite a confident move towards gaining fame and recognition. Help yourself and answer all potential “whys” via learning through what bits make that popular reality a common situation.


Failures are sometimes inevitable and a part of an evolving process. Yet if there are chances to avoid that and let the product thrive – use all of them. Create an app that adds value, meets the requirements of the world, is fully flexible for the updates with just enough interesting features, and you will not need to worry. 

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