A Student’s Complete Guide to Smart Gadgets

In today’s fast-paced world, technological progress is moving fast. These days, gadgets are only getting smarter. They have become a crucial part of every student’s academic and personal life. Different technologies can help students get more motivated and focused and save lots of time. Also, it provides them with almost unlimited learning opportunities.

But, with such a huge variety of options, upgrading your tech toolkit with the right devices can be a real challenge. So, if you are still unsure how to choose the best gadgets that will help you study better and simplify your everyday life, our comprehensive guide will set you on the right track. Read on to discover a list of the best and most affordable smart gadgets for students.

Smart Laptop Bag

Price: $20-$30

A laptop is one of those devices students use most often. They use it to complete their assignments, conduct research, and even ask professionals, “please, write my paper for me,” when they need someone to help them cope with a hefty load and keep their grades high. Also, now, in the age of Covid, they also use their laptops to access online learning opportunities. And the best thing about laptops is that they can be used for all these purposes on the go. But, we have to admit that carrying them around isn’t a piece of cake.

That’s why the first must-have smart gadget for students is a laptop bag. Smart laptop bags have a wealth of cool features. They are 100% waterproof. Also, they are anti-theft, which lets you carry your devices and personal belongings with you safely. And they are also equipped with USB charging ports to keep your gadgets charged.

Amazon Kindle

Price: Around $100

Although investing in a good PC or a laptop should sound like a no-brainer for students, Amazon Kindle is also a worthwhile investment. This smart gadget is a perfect alternative to heavy and bulky college textbooks that can be so painful to carry around with you every day.

With the help of Amazon Kindle, you can have all course-related textbooks in one place and easily fit them even in a small bag. What’s more, by investing in such a device, you can also save plenty of money on books because e-books are always much cheaper than physical ones.

External Hard Drive

Price: $25-$50

This might sound like one of the least exciting smart gadgets on our list. Nevertheless, a good external hard drive is a crucial addition to your laptop, especially when you are a student. As was already mentioned, students have to complete lots of their assignments using a computer. This basically means hundreds of essays, research papers, and other assignment files stored on your laptop or PC.

But what if your computer gets stolen, breaks, or simply lacks storage space? This can be pretty disappointing. And that’s why you need a good external hard drive to store all your files securely, without worrying about losing them.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Price: $50+

Noise-canceling headphones are also among the top smart gadgets that every student needs. With their help, you can focus on your studies in any situation, even when there is lots of noise around. And you will also be able to ensure good sound quality during your online classes if you are studying remotely.

Needless to say, this kind of gadget can be pretty costly. The price for good noise-canceling headphones from a famous brand can reach $300 and more. But, there are some more budget-friendly options too! So, if you are a student with a tight budget, be sure to check out some cheaper options that are there – the cost starts from just $50, so everyone should be able to find something they can afford.

Smart Band

Price: Starting from $25

Smart bands or watches are cool-looking accessories that might not be on your tech shopping list yet. But, there is much more to them than just a stylish look. When you are in college, chances are that 100% of your time is busy with studies, so it can be easy to start giving up on your fitness.

Nevertheless, staying active and fit is still crucial for your mental and physical health. But, instead of buying an expensive gym membership, students can invest in a budget-friendly smart band and start keeping track of their daily activities with ease. Such bands or watches are great for tracking your steps and workouts. So, if you want to stay healthy in college, be sure to invest in such a device.

Smart Alarm Clock

Price: $10+

Being a morning person is pretty hard, especially when you are a student. But, smart alarm clocks can really help you change this. Starting on Amazon from as low as $10, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you pick wisely, this type of gadget will help you wake up easily and stay productive throughout your days.

Laptop Tray With Fans

Price: $20-$50

When you need to watch a video lecture, write an essay, or do anything else on your laptop, we bet that you often put it on your lap to work comfortably from your sofa or, oh well, bed. That’s what many of us do. But, this can be very harmful to your laptop as this way it gets overheated and can eventually break.

That’s why the last smart gadget on our list that every student should invest in is a laptop tray with fans. This device has two main functions – it lets you work comfortably with your laptop even in bed, and, at the same time, it cools your computer so that it doesn’t overheat.

The Bottom Line

So, this was our guide to smart gadgets that all students must have. Each of these devices can help your life as a student be simple and enjoyable. So, if you still lack any of them, be sure to change this ASAP!

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