Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptops in the Classroom

It is difficult to imagine learning in schools without computers and laptops in the modern world. It will be more difficult for children to gain practical knowledge without using computers or laptops. Having a computer in classroom can make learning more exciting and interesting. So many parents and children want to know more about computer in classroom pros and cons.

Computers are used everywhere now. In this article, we will tell you if there are any disadvantages to using technology during studies and what are the main pros of computers at school.

What Are the Advantages of Computer in the Classroom?

Computers in the class room may be really helpful, so now we will tell you about the advantages of laptops at school and how computers can increase the effectiveness of the studying process.

Possibility of Making Presentations

Computers can be used to show presentations. Teachers can create presentations for lessons, which makes the teacher’s work much easier and makes the studying process more engaging. 

The teacher can use the computer directly or connect it to the projector, which is one of the most prominent benefits of computers in the classroom. This way, each student can see and hear useful information. Besides, visual perception may be the better way to learn for someone.

In addition, presentations interest students more than the usual way of introducing the information. Presentations on any topic will make any lesson much more interesting and productive.

Application of Studying Programs

Learning apps are important in the pros and cons of computer comparison. The main advantage of having a computer in class is that teacher can use the latest applications designed for lessons. 

For example, let’s take a look at the Quizlet. This app is designed to help students learn a foreign language. With the help of the Quizlet, students can quickly learn new foreign words. The teacher can create interactive cards with words that should be learned.  Then children need to follow the certain link given by the teacher and participate in the interactive lesson. The students need to have smartphones or computers for that.

The students will see the question and the possible answer options. Each student should give the correct answer within a certain time. Students compete with each other, and the one who gives the correct answer the fastest wins. For example, you need to choose the correct translation for the word “computer.”

After the students have given their answers, the teacher must sum the results up and determine how many points each child has scored. It makes the studying process much more interesting, which is a clear advantage of computer.

There are many more similar programs that are used to make lessons more engaging and productive.

What are the Disadvantages of Computer in the Classroom

Now we will talk about all the possible risks that come with using the technology and the general information about the computer in classroom pros and cons.

Bad Impact on Health

The main disadvantage of laptops at school is their negative impact on health. Sitting for a long time in front of the computer is not very healthy and can lead to bad consequences. The computers can:

A- Have an impact on a child’s spine: one of the more frequent problems of children who use computers every day is that they sit in the same position, which leads to a constant load on the same muscle groups. The not-so-pleasant fact is that the load on the spine in a sitting position is much greater compared to a lying or standing position.

B-Have an effect on a child’s vision: human vision is adapted to constant changes in the objects around them. When a person looks at the flickering screen often, and for a long time, the risk of eye fatigue increases. This way, lacrimation is disrupted, which in the future leads to dry eyes.

C-Have an impact on children’s psyche: radiation is also an equally important factor. You can find screens with a low radiation frequency in the computer rooms of the school. They negatively affect the central nervous system, which in turn causes headaches, nausea, insomnia, and stress.

As you can see there are many pros and cons of a computer, and technology can really have a bad impact on the mental and physical state of your child. That is why you should limit the time your child spends in front of the computer.

Who Uses Computers in the Classrooms?

At school, every worker needs to have their own personal computer, which will help them in further advancement in their field. Everyone already knows that the computer is a good assistant that brings great benefits to humanity. Therefore, now we will analyze what benefits it brings to teachers and school management.

School Director

The school director’s computer contains a lot of important information, both about students and teachers. Accordingly, the director should have a computer to come up with the curriculum for each of the classes of the educational institution.


With a computer, the teacher can make the studying process more interesting because it is possible to show various fragments of works or films, turn on sound recordings that will facilitate learning and assimilation of new knowledge, give the opportunity to solve various crosswords, tests, and do individual creative tasks.

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