An Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Online Events Web Part

Any organization’s activities include event preparation, and everyone must be informed. Planning an organization’s event, whether internal or external, takes time in most circumstances. You must make certain that everyone receives the information on time.

The process gets significantly easier with the use of the SharePoint online events web part. SharePoint includes capabilities that make it easier for an event planner to communicate with everyone inside and outside the organization in order to arrange a successful event. To learn more about the SharePoint online events web part, here is an ultimate guide. 

What Is the SharePoint Online Events Web Part? 

This is a unique software-based solution that is designed to help organizations and their employees share information easily by creating a special web-based environment. This helps organizations plan for events while informing everyone easily. 

How to Create a SharePoint Online Events Web Part on a Page 

There are various steps involved in creating a SharePoint online events web part. They include the following.

  •         Start by clicking the add event section– This is just a simple process. Go to your SharePoint home page and click on the Add event section.
    This will automatically take you to the next step. 
  •         Give your event a name – You are probably sharing this event with some of your team members; therefore, you need to select a name to avoid confusion and to make work easier. 
  •         Select the time and the date of the event – On the Where section right on top of your page, you need to enter the date of the event and also the time it will take place. 
  •         Enter the location of the event – Still, in the where section, you need to enter the location of where the event will take place. So, if it is an address, just add it. If it is an online event, you need to skip this part. 
  •         Choose the category of the event – This is just as simple. Select the type of event you are holding, whether it is a business event or simply a holiday.
  •         Give a short description of the event area – At this point, do not give too much information. Just describe how the area looks and that is all. If you would like to invite other people outside the organization as guests, you can also describe them at this point. 
  •         Finalize by clicking the “save” button – Check if you have entered all the information and end by clicking on the “save” button. 

Advantages of Using the SharePoint Online Events Web Part

The SharePoint online events web part is an outstanding solution for organizations today. It provides them with various advantages.

  •         Promotes online communication with everyone in the organization – SharePoint ensures everyone within the organization receives communication whenever an event is planned. This makes certain everyone is on the same page with everything that is happening, hence promoting productivity and teamwork. 
  •         Eliminates unnecessary workflow within the organization – This is one of the most well-known benefits of using the SharePoint online events web part. It helps create useful software components such as list forms and calendars of events to help make work easier and faster. 


So it can be rightly said that it is an important tool that every organization requires right now. It makes management easy and ensures everyone is notified of every event arranged and all the details about it.

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Maria Colombo
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