Android keyboard Shortcuts: Features that You Should Know

No matter, how much you like to type on your keyboard, the truth is, if you learn all the Android keyboard shortcuts, it can save your time, as well as make the text input easier. Apart from this, if you know the keyboard shortcuts, you will gain the advantages while internet surfing. As to search for anything, you can use the online keyboard.

Remember that, your Android device comes with some amazing keyboard shortcuts that help you to operate your device without using the menus. Don’t know all the keyboard shortcuts? Don’t worry as here we are going to discuss all the essential keyboard shortcuts that you must know before using your Android device.

Benefits of Android keyboard Shortcuts

Do you know if you use keyboard shortcuts, then it can enhance your productivity? Though the word ‘shortcut’ might seem daunting first, however, if you need to regularly use your computer, then it’s crucial that you should understand the advantages of the Android keyboard Shortcuts. 


If you use keyboard shortcuts, then you can deliver more tasks within the given time. For example, if you need to select all the texts of a document, you have to first click on the document, and then hold the mouse across the whole document. On the other hand, if you use a keyboard shortcut, then by simply pressing the Ctrl and A keys you can select the document.


Knowing the right keyboard can be beneficial especially when you perform multiple tasks at the same time. Like, to complete different tasks at the same time, surely you have to use multiple tools along with the mouse. However, if you have knowledge about keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly avoid the hassle.

3.Health Benefits

In case, you use keyboard shortcuts along with a mouse, then you can eliminate the risks of Repetitive Syndrome Injury. By doing multiple tasks simultaneously, many people have already stuffed from RSI. 

Use Android Keyboard Shortcuts in the most appropriate way

If you have an Android phone with a QWERTY keyboard and want to get full control of your Android device, then see these quick keyboard shortcuts and save your valuable time.

Shortcut # 1. To open Android Applications

In case, you wish to open your Android Apps within a flicker, then here are some tips for you. Enter B within the search field in order to open the Web Browser. To open the Contacts list, simply type C in the search field. The same way, to navigate to the email address, type E and for Gmail enter G within the search bar. Wish to see videos on YouTube? Just type Y and to open the music folder, enter P. 

Shortcut # 2. Faster Access to Symbols & Numbers

If your Android phone comes with a QWERTY panel, then first, gently place your finger on the keyboard. After that, slightly move your finger upward on the keyboard. Within a few seconds, a screen of special characters and numbers will appear on the display. Then, without lifting, you can swipe your finger over any character or number. Instantly, that specific character will be inserted within the text.  

This QWERTY keyboard comes with some special characters. Apart from this, if you keep touching your finger on a particular character for a few seconds, some related characters will pop up at the bottom.

Shortcut # 3. Quickly Capitalize an Individual Letter

It will definitely be a time-consuming task when you have to capitalize a letter rather than capitalize the first character of a sentence. However, with a hidden shortcut technique, you can make things easy. Hence, first, touch your finger to the caps-lock key. Keep touching the key, and then swipe the letter that you wish to capitalize. Instantly, that specific letter becomes capitalized. When you release the caps-lock key, the keyboard will automatically turn back to normal.

Shortcut # 4. Typing

This is the biggest advantage you will get if you use keyboard shortcuts. Like, if you wish to delete a particular line, simply press the Alt and Del keys together. In order to activate the caps-lock, simply double press the Shift key. Also, if you want to exit from a page, just press the Shift key once.

Do you want to navigate the cursor to the beginning of the line? Press the Alt and left Trackball simultaneously. Switch the cursor to the end of the line, press Alt and Right Trackball keys together. Press Alt and Down Trackball keys in order to go to the bottom of the page. To highlight a copying or cutting text, first press Shift and then press Trackball-Left/ Right key.

Shortcut # 5. Access Web Browser 

Press Menu and J keys in order to again visit a page. Forward the page, just use the Menu and K keys. Want to reload the current page? Touch your finger on the R keys. Touch the F and Menu together in order to locate a page. To open bookmarks, use Menu and B keys. And, in order to view the browser history, use menu and H key. Menu-S is used for opening the browser setting.

Shortcut # 6. Gmail Android

To reply to the current mail, just press the R key. Also, if you like to reply to all the current mail, press the A key. In order to open an email touch the Enter key. Menu-U is for refreshing the inbox.

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These are the common Android keyboard shortcuts that you must learn before using your device. Also, we have already mentioned the advantages of keyboard shortcuts. Now, if you want to know more about keyboard shortcuts tactics, contact an expert.

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