Apple iPad Pro 2020 or Microsoft Surface Pro X? Which can Replace Your Laptop?

Most of the business organizations have decided to replace the laptops with tablet devices. The basic reason behind this switch is getting into the comfort zone. A tablet provides an easier user interface than a PC or a phone. As the tablets don’t have dedicated keyboards like laptops, that is why an external device known as a magic keyboard is there as a support. 

Here, you will get to know which one is suitable for your working environment. But before that, you must know about the iPad and Surface Pro repair centres. This will help you to resolve any problems that can occur within these devices.
Let’s see which one matches the perfect compatibility of PC replacement. 

Details of the Host for the Replacement 

iPad Pro 2020 and Surface Pro X are one of the most trendy gadgets. After knowing all the distinguishing features of both these world-class devices, think and analyze and choose wisely. 

Apple iPad Pro 2020

The device has a 12.9-inch retina display which is highly recommendable in terms of picture quality and clarity. It also has a pen which will help you to control, as well as manage the items in the device. The blazing fast internet connectivity is enough to keep your interest attached to the device. The build quality is pretty good, regards to the pen and keyboard, available with the device.

  • System Information

The device is powered by the trademark iPad OS. The version you will get will be upgraded automatically within a few days of purchase. The internal chipset consists of Apple’s blazing fast A12Z Bionic chips. The volatile memory is of 6 Gigabytes. 

Now, coming to the flash storage facility, iPad Pro 2020 comes with multiple storage variants. They are 128, 256, 512 Gigabytes, and 1 Terabyte. The optimum resolution of the display is 2732×2048 with 264 PPI (Pixels Per Inch). Moreover, it also has Apple A12z graphics too. 

  • Hardware

With the latest USB-C type and nano-sim facility, you will never face any technical glitch. The charging will be fast, as well as communication. 

  • Connectivity 

The network technology version of LTE and Wi-Fi version 6 is present in the device. In addition to that, you must not forget about the vintage file transfer medium, it has Bluetooth, the version is 5.0. 

  • Camera and other features

The front camera comes with 7 MegaPixels. The rear-facing camera also comes in 12 and 10 Megapixels with ultra-wide lenses. There is also the biometric facility of face recognition for security. The battery is of 36.7 W. Its weight is near about 640 gm, that is quite light. The device comes in two colour variants, one is silver and the other is space grey.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

The device comes officially from the desk of the biggest software company, the world has ever seen. Now, let’s have a look at the premium features and know every detail.

  • System Information

The Surface Pro X device is powered by Windows 10 Operating System. It also has the trademark Microsoft SQ1 processor. The volatile memory comes in two variants, one is 8 and the other is 16 Gigabytes.

Now, coming to the storage facility, it also has multiple versions like 128, 256, and 512 Gigabytes.

The display obviously has various touch controls and its size is 13 inches. Moreover, the resolution is also 2880×1920 with 267 PPI. The graphics of the device comes from SQ1Adreno 685. 

  • Hardware and Connectivity

Apart from two USB-C type ports and Nano-SIM, there is also another sophisticated connecting media available, it is the Surface connect. This connecting feature has the copyright of Microsoft. Now, the standard LTE technology is as usual present. Including that, the Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 is inevitable. 

  • Camera and others 

The front camera is normally 5 Megapixels. The rear-facing camera is 10 MegaPixels. The power source that is the battery comes in 38.

2 W. It only comes in one colour variant, which is black and the weight is near about more than 750 gm.

The Battle of Comparison

Now, it is time for comparing the two devices. This will help you to know which one is better and why. So, let’s begin. 

Battling with the design 

The Surface Pro X and iPad Pro 2020, both are slim in size with an immersive display. But, the display of the iPad is much slimmer and lighter, than that of the Surface. Whereas, the bezels of Surface, to some extent, cut down in a shorter size, and may seem bulky to hold. 

Display: Which one is better?

Comparing the display, the aspect ratio of the iPad is much greater than Surface. In order to grant you a tablet experience, the iPad’s display is a little square in shape. Thus, it gains the upper hand leaving behind the Surface. 

On the other hand, if you want to have more Windows-like experience, then the display of the Surface will deliver you some true tone picture quality. The device will easily fit on your lap, as well as on the desk, or the table. As a result, you might face problems regarding the display. 

The Performance

Both devices have their own perfect configuration. Thus, they will perform according to the type of work that you are doing. The iPad is designed to give you a tablet-like experience. But, the Surface is designed to give you a PC-type experience. You might face a bit of an annoyance, as the Surface doesn’t come with the keyboard and pen facility. 

Lastly, it is your Decision…

In the end, it is you who is going to use the device. That is why, first, you have to know what type of work you are doing. If your work doesn’t involve much typing, then you can go for Surface Pro X. In case, you have to write a lot, or type a lot, then obviously you will go for the iPad. So, decide and grab the best-suited one.

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