Apple iPhone 14 (2022) |Release Date, Price, Features

Apple iPhone 14 Features

At the recent WWDC 2022 event, Apple made many upcoming, new, and exciting announcements. While there was information on new iPhone devices, the most talked-about aspect was the iOS 16 launch.

Many iOS devices will get the iOS 16 software update. However, the new iPhone 14 series will come with a base iOS 16. So, in this guide, we have brought about some exciting aspects, leaks, and insight on the 1Phone 14 series, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Because whenever Apple makes announcements of new Apple devices, users always want to know about the new apple iPhone 14 features.

Follow here to know about the speculated iPhone 14 release date and its features. By the end, you can compare it with your existing iPhone and decide if you want to get this brand-new iPhone 14 in your hands.

Per the announcements and rumors, the iPhone 14 series is expected to come out by the year-end. Like iPhones and iOS devices, we can always find a lot going on about upcoming products. The same is with the iPhone 14 series.

At this point, you must have heard and read many things about the latest iPhone 14 release. While Apple has not officially released any info on them, we got some reliable information on the iPhone 14 series right here.

The upcoming and new iPhones, the iPhone 14 series, will have four models in the pack. Similar to the iPhone 13 series lineup, iPhone 14 series has:

  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

Whether it’s good or not, Apple won’t be bringing any mini-series iPhones this time.

The base models of the iPhone 14 series, i.e.,iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, won’t have many upgrades in the specs, unlike that of the iPhone 14 Pro series. As per reliable reports, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will supposedly have upgraded design and specs.

They will have a new display with a pill-shaped cutout rather than a notch type. apple usually follows the same color options for its iPhone models. If the rumors are accurate, the iPhone 14 base and iPhone 14 Pro models will come in different shades.

iPhone 14 base models will be available in purple, red, blue, black, and white color options. At the same time, the iPhone 14 Pro models will come in purple, silver, gold, and graphite shades.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will retain the previous A15 Bionic Processor. But, the iPhone 14 Pro series will run on the new next-gen A16 Bionic Chipset. The A16 Bionic Chipset being a 4nm processor, proves that the iPhone 14 Pro series will be more advanced than any other iPhone.

The iPhone 14 Pro will come with a 6.06-inch flexible OLED panel. At the same time, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will adopt a 6.7-inch display. Both will have an efficient display of a 120Hz refresh rate. The iPhone 14 Pro phones will wear a full titanium alloy body instead of a stainless steel frame.

Regardless, without further ado, let’s dive right into the specs of the iPhone 14 series.

iPhone 14 Features

As stated earlier, only the iPhone 14 Pro models will have significant changes and upgrades in their specs. The iPhone 14 base models will have similar specs and features as the iPhone 13. So, in this part, we will input technical specs and features mostly of iPhone 14 Pro models.

We got all the time to talk about the Apple iPhone 14 features. What every iPhone enthusiast wants to know right now is its release date, right!

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 iPhone 14 Pro
Display 6.1-inch, Super Retina XDR with standard notch 6.1-inch, Super Retina XDR with pill-shaped cut-out
CPU Apple A15 Bionic Apple A16 Bionic
Storage Options 128GB, 256GB and 512GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB
Main camera 12MP Wide 48MP wide
Battery size 3,240 mAh battery 3,125 mAh
Connectivity Lightning Port USB-C

iPhone 14 release date

At the Apple WWDC 2022 event, the expected timeline for iPhone 14 release date is somewhere around September 2022. This is the initial release date that Apple announced. But, we can expect an earlier release depending on many variables. We can expect the iPhone 14 to come out in September’s first or second week.

Device family Announcement date Release date
Apple iPhone XS-series September 12, 2018 September 21, 2018
Apple iPhone 11-series September 10, 2019 September 20, 2019
Apple iPhone 12-series October 13, 2020 October 23, 2020
Apple iPhone 13-series September 14, 2021 September 24, 2021
Apple iPhone 14-series September 6 / September 13, 2022* September 16 / September 23, 2022*

Body Design

The most persistent rumor about the iPhone 14 design is that it won’t have a notch. If we go by the leaks and rumors, Apple will ditch the notch-type design on this iPhone 14 series. But sadly, only the iPhone 14 Pro models will come with a supposedly pill-hole camera instead of a notch. The base models will remain the same.

In a clearer perspective, both the iPhone 14 Pro models will have a circular cutout and a pill-shaped cutout. Similar to the standard Android phones, the circular cutout will supposedly function as the Face ID dot projector. And the pill-shaped cutouts will factor in the Face ID infrared camera, front camera, and other similar elements.

Let’s say that the purpose of Apple behind these cutouts is to set up Face ID hardware. If so, the iPhone’s display will have more screen space.

iPhone 14 – Camera

There has been a lot going on about the camera aspects of the iPhone 14 series. As per speculations, iPhone 14 will showcase a 48MP sensor that can record an 8K video. There are possibilities for them to have periscopic lenses and 50x zooming ability. Every model will feature an Ultra-Wide camera.

The iPhone 14 Pro model can capture 12MP shots with its 48MP camera. they will be able to do so by using the pixel-binning process. It is a process that merges multiple small pixels data into one super-pixel on the camera image sensor. It improves the low-light sensitivity of the picture.

The front camera is rumored to have a wide aperture of f/1.9. It will have autofocus mode for enhanced focus tracking in FaceTime calls and videos.

iPhone 14 – Chipset and storage (Tech Specs)

The iPhone 14 Pro models will be equipped with the latest and super-fast A16 Bionic chip. The iPhone 14 base models will have the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 series.

They will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 modem. It is the first 10GB 5G modem worldwide to have an antenna system for smartphones. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kua said the iPhone 14 series would have WiFi 6E connectivity. That will enable the users a high-speed wireless connection for quality VR and AR experiences.

All the iPhone 14 models will feature 6GB RAM. If you believe the rumors, we can also expect this series with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB storage variants.

iPhone 14 – eSim-only design

We believe the iPhone 14 series will begin Apple’s idea of eSim-only design. It means that there will be no physical sim slot in the iPhone 14 models. They will be the first smartphones to have no sim slots. But that does not mean you cannot use a cellular connection with eSim. eSim enables cellular connection to a device when activated.

iPhone 14 – Pricing structure

There won’t be a drastic change in the pricing structure of iPhones by Apple. If we go by the usual pricing strategy of Apple, you can expect the iPhone 14 base models to be priced around $899 and the iPhone 14 Pro models around $1199. Regardless of the slight price variations, the iPhone 14 series comes under the expensive category of phones.

iPhone model 128GB of storage 256GB of storage 512GB of storage 1TB of storage
iPhone 13 mini $699 $799 $999
iPhone 13 $799 $899 $1099
iPhone 13 Pro $999 $1099 $1299 $1499
iPhone 13 Pro Max $1099 $1199 $1399 $1599
iPhone 14 $799* $899* $999*
iPhone 14 Max $899* $999* $1099*
iPhone 14 Pro $1099* $1199* $1399* $1599*
iPhone 14 Pro Max $1199* $1299 $1499* $1699*

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