Apps for Windows that Every Student Will Find Useful

These days, it’s hard to find a learner who doesn’t have a desktop. According to the latest research, Windows is the most popular operating system in the US. It takes roughly 58% of the market. In case you’re one of those who have a Windows-powered computer, scroll down below and learn more about apps that will be very helpful for any student.

Microsoft To-Do

Every student has a lot of things to do. In order not to get lost in your agenda and don’t forget about something important, install the Microsoft To-Do application on your desktop. This daily planner with a simple and convenient user interface helps reduce stress and improve productivity by creating a day’s plan.

The application will help you create a bullet list of tasks and share it with anyone if needed. It also foresees the opportunity to set reminders that will keep you notified, break tasks on milestones, and customize your lists.

The sync feature helps get access to your list of tasks from any device. As a result, if you need to pass your assignment until the past due, you can open the app and create a reminder on a shared computer.

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It is a comprehensive app for students. The app is free and brings almost limitless opportunities in making notes. Using this application, you can note everything and modify your text. You can also attach media files, add shapes, draw, and make handwritten notes if your device has a touch-screen.

For instance, using OneNote, you can create a room’s plan, add a video clip from the web, and supplement it with handwritten notes. Above that, the app allows users to synchronize all their notes on all devices.

Google Drive

It is a cloud-based file manager that every student should have. It does not only provide the ability to upload backups of your files. Google Drive app has the form of a default file manager with enhanced functionality.

For instance, you can create a shared folder and send a link to your friends. Consequently, you’ll store all educational materials in one place and access them from any device. It is super convenient, especially when you all work on one research project together.

Wolfram Alpha

It is a must-have application if you’re not good at math and always spend hours trying to find a solution. Wolfram Alpha will resolve any math problem in a second and provide a step-by-step workflow so that you’ll be able to learn how to reach a solution by yourself.

The app can help you not with mathematics only. Wolfram Alpha can also help you with statistics, physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy, and other computational sciences.

Adobe Reader

Being a student, you have to deal with a large variety of documents. In order not to download different software solutions for every format, download a multipurpose solution, Adobe Reader.

This application will open almost any document on your Windows desktop and work with it effortlessly. For example, Adobe Reader foresees the ability to select text in PDF documents, highlight it, add notes, and save changes with no hassle.

Microsoft Office

It is a crucial set of software products that every student with a Windows desktop should have. It implies a lot of programs. However, there are the top three apps for students. Microsoft Office Word is a full-featured text editor that students have used at least one in their lives.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet with mind-blowing functionality. Using this app, students can not only create tables but merge and apply different formulas to any cells. As a result, you can implement almost any function using formulas in Microsoft Excel.

The third popular apps are Microsoft PowerPoint. This software allows users to create stunning presentations without any special skills by using a mouse in hand only. The drag and drop interface of this app helps millions of students worldwide create presentations effortlessly.


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Best Windows App for Teenagers

The main reason why learners spend a lot of time doing their homework is a large number of distractions that don’t allow them to focus on homework only. To improve productivity and pass your assignments until the past due, download the Cold Turkey app.

This software blocks access to all apps but educational sources. When the focus mode is enabled, you’ll do nothing except surfing academic sources and writing college papers on your Windows desktop.

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