Are Text to Speech Voices Accurate?

The ability to speak to a device and get it to complete everyday tasks was a thing we mostly read in science-fiction novels. But today, voice assistants have become a reality.

With rapid advances in AI voice technology, voice assistants are unlocking new capabilities for businesses and customers. Let’s learn how text to speech voices are a game-changing technology and whether they are accurate.

Why Are Text to Speech Voices the Future?

AI systems can handle repetitive tasks exceptionally, but can they converse and engage the consumer? Absolutely.

Innovative technologies like conversational chatbots, voice assistants, and smart speakers are revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape, with AI voices playing a significant role in this transformation. So how does this technology work?

Text to speech voice technology uses AI to transcribe raw speech into structured written text. It grasps the complexity of the human voice by matching intonation and emotions.

Whether you want to build applications that speak naturally with customers or give your brand a distinct voice, you can use this technology to design seamless customer experiences. With 67% of businesses already investing in voice assistants, AI voice technology is growing at a rapid pace.

But Are Text to Speech Voices Accurate?

The popularity of text to speech voice is inevitable, but you may wonder how accurate it is. The reliability of the technology heavily depends on its accuracy rate.

While the technology hasn’t reached the 99% accuracy rate, it is still surprisingly sophisticated. Industry benchmarks state that the highest accuracy level the technology can achieve is 84.46%.

With companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM actively investing in making the technology more accurate and precise, it is aiding global companies in differentiating themselves without compromising accuracy or quality.

Top Use Cases of Text to Speech Voices That You Should Know!

AI voice generator tools have found usage across multiple industries. The following is a discussion of their most popular use cases to give you an idea of how you can use the technology for your business:

1. Banking And Finance

HSBC is among the top banks using AI voice as part of its banking experience. The financial institution has more than 100 unique identifiers to identify a speaker when anyone uses their phone banking services.

Through this, the company strengthens its security and eliminates the need for customers to remember their unique IDs. Other financial institutions also use the technology to help customers check their finances and stock market trends.

2. Travel and Tourism

While the hospitality industry has always struggled to communicate with visitors from other cultural backgrounds, translators and voice applications are changing this.

Visitors who want to travel and explore multiple locations can use interactive voice applications to eliminate language barriers. Text to speech software is also helping the industry offer tour packages to multi-lingual travelers in numerous languages.

3. E-learning

With online learning gaining traction, text to speech software can help learners convert long chunks of text from their ebooks into audio recordings.

Other benefits include spelling checking and improving the pronunciation of new words and sentences. From the learner’s point of view, the use of audio in e-learning adds a human touch and makes learning more interactive.

Final Thoughts

During the past few years, AI voice tools have opened many doors for companies to get to know their customers better. While accuracy is an undeniable aspect of using these tools, you should also consider other aspects of the technology.

In a market that demands speed and convenience, making your brand stand out makes all the difference to your revenue and customer base.

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