Best Options to Stay Online in US

Nowadays it is definitely important to stay connected while traveling – to communicate with friends, chatting for personal business or just to read news. But what to do in case you are traveling around the US and need to be online in a new country for a long time? The answer is – to install and save the eSIM card on the smartphone. is a progressive option, a virtual card that allows users to use mobile internet and connection without using standard SIM-cards. With eSIM, the smartphone connection will become more compact to use. Let’s figure out how to use it in a US mobile eSIM.  

What is eSIM?

The virtual card eSIM is a small chip inside the smartphone. The smartphone has no physical SIM card, but there is a built-in chip, which stores information about the mobile operator, phone number, rates, and etc. The principle of this can be the same as NFC-chip. When the user puts the device into the terminal at the checkout, money is debited from the card, but there is no physical bank card in the phone. This is a completely new way.

When to use it on your smartphone? There are several options. 

  1. When you travel regularly. eSIM helps to save on roaming, maintaining multiple cards, including a travel or local card, which may have restrictions for tourists.
  2. When you go abroad  for work or study and need to save the options to call and send messages via the usual SIM card and the new country one. 
  3. In case you want to use other independent devices for surfing the Internet.
  4. When you should be always in touch with messengers, send sms via virtual phone number or be online for clients and partners, etc. 

Using US mobile eSIM is absolutely safe. Especially if you keep data to yourself and don’t give your cloud passwords and logins to anyone. In the case of losing your phone, a thief will not be able to use this function, because the phone will be blocked. In the case of a regular SIM, the thief can easily gain access to the bank account, if there is no password to the card. 

Best US mobile plans for travelers

There are 4 main mobile plans that are used by travelers and ordinary citizens. Leading mobile operators and plans in the USA are: 

1. GigSky. The operator offers a plan that is available on the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. Due to the fact that tariff plans are developed with the user’s needs in mind, such communication becomes an advantageous solution for traveling around the world. The company works in different directions, offering communication formats both for individual subscribers and for large corporations. Setting up the GigSky service is much easier than having a physical SIM card for a smartphone using a standard SIM card. 

2. AT&T Wireless services. It is the largest mobile operator. Much of this popularity is the result of a well-thought-out and simple mobile application for users. In the application one chooses the countries he wants to visit and can immediately buy a tariff with the necessary information. The customers can add additional accounts, create a new one by visiting retail stores that will provide QR codes for setup. This applies to both prepaid and postpaid plans. 

How to activate AT&T? It’s easy. Just log in to your AT&T account or create the account if necessary, tap on the point  “my equipment”, find the device and tap manage and select “Get new eSIM”. Then, follow the instructions to complete the setup. That’s all!

3. Truphone. The operator offers prepaid plans with numerous countries to choose (Includes US). Perfect for traveling abroad. However, you can only get 3G data in the US. Other countries have 4G. After you buy an eSIM plan, you need to activate eSIM. Once you activate eSIM, you will download it to your Android or Iphone smartphone. 

Depending on how exactly you plan to use the connection, you can choose a package with more data or do with minimal content so you don’t have to pay too much. You can get an individual plan that is based on what services you use more often, or you can choose packages designed for individual states. 

4. Verizon Wireless. Current customers can add additional accounts, and new customers can create accounts through the My Verizon app (v. 6.10.0 or later) or at Verizon Wireless stores. If you purchased your device through Verizon, your primary account must remain on the nano-SIM card and may not transfer.

How to Install The eSIM Card?

To use the eSIM card users need to choose the tariff plan with the help of a mobile operator, install eSIM virtual card on your phone and get a QR-code with the instructions. On your smartphone, you need to go to the settings. Click the “Add Plan” button. Use your camera to scan the QR code. Scan the QR code with the phone you’ll be using to access the Internet. After that, the data plan will be installed on your phone. 

After a few seconds the eSIM is ready to work: receives calls, SMS and allows access to the Internet. To switch between eSIMs, go to “Settings” and then “Cellular data”. Under this button you change the active card from which Internet traffic will be primarily taken.

Summarizing, almost 30 operators worldwide support this technology. Although the following instructions work, you may encounter problems when activating eSIM On the devices that are not supported by the card. In this case, contact your carrier’s customer service or visit a physical store to complete the activation. The fact that embedded SIM cards are supported in the latest iPhones, Google Nexus, tablets, Samsung smart watches, and Apple smart watches makes this technology almost universal.

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