5 Best OST Viewer Tools of 2022

OST Viewer Tools

Offline Outlook Data Files (.OST files) store a local copy of your mailbox items, such as emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, and more. These files enable the users to work offline. The changes done when offline are synchronized with the mailbox on the server when the system goes online.

The OST file is linked to the profile in which it is created. This means you can’t open the OST file in another Outlook profile or on another system. However,you can use an OST viewer tool to view the contents of the OST file. There are several OST viewer tools available in the market that can help you open and view the contents of OST files, even the corrupted and orphaned OST files.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best OST viewer tools of 2022.

1. Stellar Viewer for OST

Stellar Viewer for OST is a freeware tool that scans the OST files and displays all the items. A highlight of this tool is that it can open even corrupted, orphaned, and inaccessible OST files. Also, it can extract emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and attachments from the corrupted OST files and save them in EML, PDF, RTF, and HTML formats.

Moreover, this tool comes with a simple and intuitive user interface. All you have to do is launch the software and upload your OST file. The tool takes care of the rest for you. It scans your chosen OST file and displays all the items in it. You can choose the items you want extract and the format in which to save them.

Features of Stellar Viewer for OST

  • Doesn’t require a connection with Exchange Server or installation of Outlook for accessing OST files.
  • Option to search for particular items in OST file.
  • Displays all the scanned items from an orphaned OST file in a tree-view structure.
  • Option to save the emails and other items in EML, PDF, RTF, and HTML formats.
  • Maintains folder hierarchy.
  • No limitation on file size or number.
  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

2. Kernel OST Viewer

Kernel OST Viewer is another free tool that can open and view OST files. The tool allows you to copy and save emails in HTML format. With this tool, you can find specific email items from any OST file, even the corrupted file. It also provides a comprehensive file analysis report using which you can analyze the data in your OST file.

3. Shoviv OST Viewer Tool

Shoviv OST Viewer is another free utility that you can use to view the data from OST files, including inaccessible and corrupt ones. With this tool, you can view emails, attachments, notes, contacts, events, and other items stored in your OST file. There are no restrictions on the number of OST files you can open in one go.

4. SysInfoTools OST Viewer

SysInfoTools OST Viewer reads data from both healthy and corrupted OST files. It comes with three scanning modes to scan data from corrupt OST files for better results. Moreover, it also displays deleted OST file items. Also, you can filter emails in the OST file based on send and receive dates. It doesn’t require Outlook installation to work.

5. OST File Opener

OST File Opener is another OST viewer tool that enables you to view and read the contents of your OST files. With this tool, you can preview content in your OST file, such as emails, tasks, contacts, calendar, etc. You can even choose to export the data to an HTML format. Furthermore, it generates log reports at specified locations.


Bottom Line

The above mentioned OST viewer tools can come in handy to extract and view data from your OST files. Some of the tools can even extract data from corrupted, inaccessible, and orphaned files. You can even save the extracted emails, attachments, and other data in various formats.

Among all the mentioned tools, we found Stellar Viewer for OST to be the best because of its versatility, stability, reliability, simplified GUI, and ability to save the extracted OST data in a wide range of file formats.

Click here to try Stellar Viewer for OST.

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