Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas in 2022

Real estate is a very competitive business environment. There is nothing common with the picture you may see in the movies and TV series about the realtor’s life. To be honest, this job requires high communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. In short real estate marketing ideas.

Anyway, realtors may rely on advanced tools to succeed in this area. There are many useful real estate software development services, apps, and tips you can use to bring your career in this sphere to a new level. So let’s share real estate marketing ideas for your professional success. 

#1. Develop An Eye-catching Website

Creating a website is an essential step you need to make. If you still don’t have it then hurry up to hire a reputable developer. If your website is very old-fashioned, slow, and non-intuitive, then think about improving it as well. 

Besides website development, you also need to take care of search engine optimization. It means you should use specific tools to make it more popular on the Web. For instance, add relevant keywords on web pages to help search engines rank them higher, publish attractive content to make users stay longer on your website, etc. Also, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and perfectly works on mobile devices. 

#2. Create Valuable Content

If you desire to create successful real estate marketing campaigns you need to bet on informative, interesting, and valuable content. For instance, if you publish posts on your blog you can’t only advertise your services and praise your expertise. Your target audience wants to read useful tips on how to choose an apartment and common content. 

That’s why you need to build your content strategy and start content creation. Find out what your target audience expects from you and keep on moving this course. 

Nota bene! Your content plan must include topics and posts for all possible platforms you can publish them. For instance, videos for YouTube, articles for your blog, short notes for Instagram, etc. 

#3. Increase Your Presence On Social Media

Social media networks are a very efficient marketing strategy for real estate agents. According to the latest reports, 60% of realtors consider the presence in social media more important than a traditional website. As a result, such social activity can bring you, clients. 

You need to choose those networks where you want to communicate with your audience. Depending on the exact platform, you’ll select a relevant style of behavior. For instance, realtors on Facebook prefer a kind of official and friendly communication style and realtors on TikTok bet on humor and viral content. 

#4. Cooperate With Influencers

If you are looking for unique real estate marketing then here it is. Influencers are important players in the market because they influence the audience much more than any type of ad. People read their posts, watch their videos, and – what is more important – trust them. You definitely don’t want to miss an opportunity and cooperate with such influencing bloggers. 

So you need to find influencers who share the same or related areas. They post useful content with native advertising and give users what they need. It’s quite hard to distinguish direct advertising among tips and personal recommendations. 

Starting a YouTube channel is also an awesome idea. Just take into account that developing vlogs and shorts requires much more time than creating content for other social media. 

#5. Film Virtual 3D Tours

Nowadays we can do everything (almost!) online. The real estate industry can take advantage of modern technologies and let individuals preview an apartment or another type of property without leaving their places. Realtors only need to create virtual home tours. 

According to statistics, 44% of recent property buyers say that watching a 3D tour was their first step before they decide to buy it. Yes, creating home tours takes time but this is definitely a win-win strategy for the real estate market. 

#6. Publish Ads In Famous Magazines

People trust famous magazines and keep reading them online or offline. That’s why classic marketing for realtors includes using advertising in print media. For instance, in Forbes, Business Insider, and other well-known sources.

You can not only buy a page for advertising your service but also prepare a guest post.
By sharing valuable tips and recommendations, you’ll attract more attention to your brand. This, in turn, will play into your hands as well. 

#7. Create Your Brand

Branding is an essential step in your business development no matter its size. It is important for both a huge agency with a team of realtors and a personal brand for you as an independent expert in the real estate industry. As a result, you’ll be able to make a better first impression on your target audience and present your services successfully.

Use storytelling and personal content to develop your brand. People love to find out more about experts they plan to work with. So among the main foolproof ideas for real estate are: making an “About us” page, sharing photos of your team, and so on. Use all methods to deliver more personalized content to your audience. 

#8. Collect Your Clients’ Reviews

Feedback from your customers is extremely useful content. On the one hand, you can use it as a tool to demonstrate to your potential clients that you are a reputable and trustworthy realtor. They want to make sure other people are satisfied with your services. And reviews are a perfect way to find out detailed information about your expertise. 

On the other hand, reviews are precious sources of strategic information. People will share with you their thoughts, complaints, and suggestions you can use to improve your work. So motivate your clients to share their opinions and collect such comments.


Maybe you wouldn’t make a revolution in the real estate industry but you may be very close. These impressive and efficient advertising ideas for realtors will play into your hands and help to level up your career. To implement at least several tips and you’ll face professional success you didn’t even dream of before!

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