Best Writing Tools to Improve Your Paper and Save Your Time

Writing a paper or thesis is a very demanding job. Not only do you have to read dozens of papers and books, but it’s essential to jot down ideas and keep track of where what is cited. With that in mind, we will show you some of the best academic writing tools that will save you a lot of time and help to produce plagiarism-free articles efficiently and effectively.

Paraphrasing tool by PapersOwl

PapersOwl is a reputable business that offers various professional services and essential tools for writers, including college essays, research papers, and other academic papers. The company has more than ten years of service and keeps assisting students with writing papers and other coursework by delivering superior and persuasive papers.

In addition to tools that will improve your writing, the team running this online business offers several other solutions. First, check the paraphrasing tool by PapersOwl and enter the text that needs paraphrasing. The unique AI algorithm will define the series of words, and you can click on the highlighted ones to see their synonyms. The second stage combines modifying the source and editing the document. 

After completing the task, you can use paraphrased text and check for plagiarism. Additionally, students can benefit from the top software tools, including a thesis generator, proofreading, citation generator, and title page maker. Presuming you’re satisfied with the outcome, finish the job with a conclusion generator. 

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is a writing app that helps you with word placement by introducing straightforward techniques. The application is about indicating long and complex sentences and suggesting different ways to put them together. 

When you open this site, a text editor will appear where you can type the content in English. Once you’ve done that, select the Edit option, and after that, all content that this app thinks could be created differently will be shaded. 

Different shading colours will appear to indicate various things you can improve. For example, yellow means that the sentence is complicated to understand, and purple means that you can use a more specific word.


While producing a document, any student must check for errors in the content or paraphrase a source document. There is a good chance you will make grammatical errors while composing the document. An author needs to be more sensitive to detect every grammatical mistake in his project, which could leave some missteps behind that are detrimental to your assignment. 

This tool can identify and take corrective measures in your writing. Therefore, Grammarly is regarded as one of the most appropriate, efficient, and highly reliable toolkits that improves grammar spelling.

The spell checker has been carefully configured to comprehend the frame of reference of the blog or topic. It will then recommend ways to correct any discrepancies in your assignment. Using this tool to check for spelling and grammar mistakes is straightforward. You must drag and drop your text before the software can analyse it. This is regarded as one of the most effective content-writing instruments.

producing a document


Thanks to EndNote, you don’t have to waste your time gathering, creating, or organising citations for references. EndNote is a reference and bibliography administration program that assists in this task. The importance of having accurate citations and bibliographies is especially emphasised when writing research-heavy articles and academic papers.

EndNote allows you to save citations and resources in a catalogue where you can later browse for a particular reference. Then, whenever you need to quote references subsequently in your text, it assists you in creating a structured format reference list focused on the format you must use.

Another way is to refer to PapersOwl and its online citation generators. This professional tool allows you to pick one of many citation styles (APA, Harvard, AMA, Turabian, etc.) and choose between options such as a website, book, magazine, and more. After entering the citation source, you can generate a citation to download or copy into your document.


QueText has a reliable plagiarism-checking repository that draws information from the web, publications, and journal articles. The plagiarism tracker is simple to use, has a comprehensive verification system, and provides excellent service to customers.

You can manually enter texts and complete the necessary plagiarism review by copying and pasting or uploading a document. Still, the latter alternative is only available in the premium subscription. The free version only allows three search queries with a word count of 1000. As a result, if you want to raise your search queries and enjoy the benefits of its powerful features, you must consider buying high-price bundles.

You can also refer to PapersOwl and check one of the best writing tools online – free plagiarism checker. The tool delivers a 100% accurate report using advanced AI-governed software. You can use it online and input all standard file formats to receive real-time checks and deep searches with the utmost data safety.

Google Docs

Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Presentations are word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs. They are a part of a free, web-based business software package offered by Google as part of its Google Drive service. This package allows users to create and edit documents online and collaborate with other users in real time.

These three apps are available for: web apps, offline Chrome apps, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Applications are compatible with Microsoft Office formats.

Although the software has been initially criticised for traditionally lacking the functionality of Microsoft Office, it has recently received praise for its simplicity, ease of collaboration and frequent product updates.


University, high school, and graduate students almost always have a semester when asked to write a paper. Whether the assignment revolves around an academic essay, thesis, scientific or term paper, completing them requires significant time. It is much easier to gather resources and synthesise them into a quality output with tools such as Grammarly, PapersOwl, or Google Docs. When you’re familiar with their pros and cons, make a reasonable decision, improve your productivity, and start working on getting a higher grade.

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