Block Emails On Gmail Easily : Step Wise Guide

Gmail is the most used email platform. Be it any email account, we often receive certain kinds of messages that we don’t feel like lingering in our inbox. These messages not only annoy us but also occupy unnecessary space as well. This makes your inbox cluttered and unorganized.

Getting many forwarded messages every day by anyone could be very irritating. And it gets over the boundary when you plead to them to stop forwarding these messages, they still don’t stop. There are a few things you can do here:

  • Send the emails directly to trash using some Gmail filters,
  • Hit the Spam,
  • Or, block the emails.

The Gmail Filter

Deleting is a good option. But deleting each and every forwarded message is a humongous task.

But technology is there for your help. With a simple filter, you can make Gmail send all the nuisance and annoying forwarded emails to the trash straight away.

You can create a filter that will send instructions to Gmail to immediately delete the emails from a particular sender or the ones that carry a specific word. Find the Filters and Blocked Addresses option in the Gmail settings and use it.

Reporting Spam

Reporting an email to spam isn’t the right option for every email. Spam is usually meant for reporting real junk emails like mass mail sent out for financial gain. You can also hit spam on the emails whose senders aren’t easily identified. If you are being bothered by a single sender, you can easily block them.

Blocking The Emails

When you add a sender to the block list, the emails from him go straight to the spam folder. To block a sender, open an email sent by them and click on the more option. You can find it next to the reply option.

In the menu, you will find the option of blocking a name, select it. Now, click on Block for confirming the action. That’s it, the sender is blocked. Now you will not receive any more annoying emails from that person.

Block Using A Rule In Gmail

You can make Gmail send an email into the trash automatically. You see that tiny triangle, that shows the search option. Under From, enter the email address you want to block.

You can also block an entire domain if you enter the domain of the sender. If you want to use this option for more than one email, separate them with the separator. You can find the separator between the backspace and enter keys. Press the slash key with Shift to insert the separator.

After you have entered the email address, click on create filter option. A dialogue box will appear, select delete and create a filter. This is how you block an email from a sender using a rule in Gmail.

If you don’t want to delete the email but archive it, select the skip the inbox option instead of selecting delete. Then click on Apply the label. You can also create a new label.

And of course, you can always unblock a contact or a sender you have previously blocked if you want to receive their email in your inbox again. So, here’s how you can undo your deed of blocking a sender’s email.

How To Unblock A Sender?

If you have accidentally blocked the wrong sender, can you unblock them? Yes, you can. For unblocking a sender, open a message by the sender and you will see a huge button flashing unblock. Click on it. A confirmation window will pop up, confirm your action.

However, if you don’t have any message from that sender with you or you can’t find one, there’s another way you can do that. Click on the gear icon in your Gmail account. From the gear drop-down, select settings and navigate to the Filters and Blocked addresses option. There you will find the name of the sender you want to unblock, click unblock beside it. Confirm the action in the popup window and you are done.

Gmail has made it easy for its users to get rid of all unwanted emails and senders. That’s one reason people love using Gmail.

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Maria Colombo
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