[Resolved] Bluetooth Audio Devices are not Supported by the PS4

Bluetooth Audio Devices are not Supported by PS4

Sony PlayStation takes you to an impeccable gaming experience, owing to its powerful joystick and other wireless gadgets. You can experience not only a flawless game but also impressive sound quality. Sony always recommends that PS4 users use their wireless headphones for better sound compatibility. However, users often report that the Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the PS4

Thus, if you know the causes behind this issue then it might be helpful. Some of them are outdated Bluetooth drivers, faulty headphones, low headphones battery, and many more.
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Look out for the best possible fixing methods that are given below. 

  1. Reviewing the Bluetooth Compatibility

    The system software of the PS4 must be compatible with the Bluetooth version of the headphones that you are trying to connect. The process is very easy, view the Settings section of the gaming console and take a look at the Bluetooth version. Now, move your attention to the headphone’s user manual and check whether it has the same Bluetooth version or not. If it’s higher, then you need to update the PS4 Bluetooth driver. 

  2. The New Bluetooth Driver

    Visit the Sony official PlayStation website to get the new Bluetooth drivers. Find all the available drivers and download them. After installing successfully, connect the headphones or Dualshock 4 Joystick and check whether the Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the PS4 or now it does. 

  3. Reboot the Entire Console

    Preferably, most computer-based equipment clears up all the complications with the help of a simple reboot or restart. Here, you just have to do the same. Plug out the main power source of the gaming console.
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    Wait for some time and then replug it, turn on the console and the Bluetooth. After that, try to connect the available Bluetooth devices to the console. 

  4. A Wired Headset

    What will you do when the Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the PS4? The answer is quite easy. Leave aside the wireless headphones, and grab your additional wired headsets. Plug into the 3.5mm jack that is built-in with the console. Using wired headphones is a bit hectic as you cannot move freely. But, it can fulfill your gaming needs. 

  5. Use a Bluetooth USB Adapter

    Introducing the additional USB adapter might help to create a new route toward establishing the Bluetooth connection. This additional adapter might eliminate the situation when Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the PS4. Just buy the adapter, connect it to the USB port of the console, and it will automatically turn on. Pair it up with the Sony wireless headphones and hopefully, it will work without much hassle. 

Other Procedures to Resolve

The PlayStation 4 remote play application is easily available in Google Android PlayStore and Apple AppStore. When the Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the PS4, you can install the application on your mobile phone or tablet. In doing so, the mobile phone or tablet will become the joystick that will help you play. 

Now, coming to the facts of connecting the headphones. Hopefully, you have already paired the headphones with the mobile phone or tablet. Just turn the device and connect it. Now, you can easily play games with the help of the PS4 remote play in high-resolution audio. 

Important Information

As per the analysis, the gaming experts came to know that people often download PS4 games from the internet for free. Believe it or not, those games contain file extensions that can harm the hard disk drive. On the other hand, the compact image file might be incomplete. 

So, if you install these files on the gaming console, then the game might stop working after a certain period. That is why you need to purchase licensed games from an online or retail shop. After purchasing, register the game to the Sony PS4 mega database. On one hand, this will be the proof of purchase. On the other hand, you will get all the official updates of that particular game as well. 

Just because the Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the PS4, it doesn’t mean that the joystick and the other additional devices have malfunctioned or been damaged. Updating the software, and upgrading the firmware will also become effective. 

Safety Precautions 

From time to time, not only do you need to update the software but also you must keep good care of the PS4. Never allow any type of physical existence to touch the device. This can easily damage the console that voids the 1-year limited international warranty. While playing a game, manipulate the switches and buttons gently. 

The PS4 comes with a hard disk drive. If you want super-fast installation as well as synchronization of the game, then it is better to install an SSD. Installing an SSD will also eliminate certain situations such as Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by the PS4. Several SSDs also can repair any damaged files. 

If you ever want to connect the console to the computer, then make sure that your computer is free from viruses. The additional Bluetooth adapter must be of good quality. Further, after a gaming session, plug out the adapter and keep it safe somewhere. During the next gaming session, plug in the adapter only after turning the console On. 

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