Board Games You Can Play Online

Playing a board game is one of the best ways to kill a few hours. They are fun, exciting, and you get to play with friends. However, what if the friends you want to play with aren’t around? Or not available to come over and play?

There is a solution; you can play online. This list will go through the best board games to try online. No matter where you or your friends are, you can still spend a few hours playing your favorite games. 

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Ticket to Ride 

Ticket to Ride pits players against each other in a race to build railways that connect towns and cities across the US. There are also expansion packs that include Europe, Asia, the Nordic countries, India, Germany, the UK, and France. 

The online version allows you to play as a single-player against AI-controlled opponents. You can also play with friends, as well as connect with other Ticket to Ride lovers online. The game is pricey, but it is well worth the money. 

Settlers of Catan 

The online version of Settlers of Catan is called Catan Universe and has all the fun and charm of the real-life game. You compete against opponents to earn Victory Points, which you get by building cities, towns, roads, trading, or thwarting trades. The first to get to 10, wins. 

The game isn’t as expensive as the tabletop version and has extra features like avatar customization, chat features, the ability to play AI opponents, and a difficulty slider. Catan Universe is so close to the actual game you’ll forget you’re playing online. 


One of the most famous board games ever made, Monopoly, is available to play online. Packed with the same features as the real version, there are added animations, celebrations, and bigger and brighter colors. 

Once again, you can connect with friends and play against them, or you can load in as a single-player and compete against AI opponents. There are different modes available, as well as varying difficulty levels. 



Based on the 1965 science fiction novel of the same name, Dune sees players control a faction of nobles, guilds, and religious factions, as you battle for control of the barren planet called Dune. 

The game is a mix of fighting, diplomacy, and manipulation. You don’t download the game itself; you purchase Tabletop Simulator on Steam, giving you access. You are then also able to play other games online such as Uno and Life


Battleships is the classic two-player game that sees you attempting to hide your ships across your board and then take turns trying to find and destroy your enemy’s ships. Battleships is the perfect combination of skill and luck. 

The online version of the game also features a new mode called Commander Mode. This gives each player unique powers and abilities that shake up the regular version of the game. 


Dominion is a deck-building game that sees you start with a small deck of cards, which grows bigger and bigger as turns go by. You then use your cards to unleash magic and soldiers on your opponent to do damage. 

Dominion has been praised because each game is different since the cards you get and recycle always vary. There are also several expansions available to increase the already vast range of gameplay. 


Villagers is a game set in the aftermath of a medieval plague that has ravaged the region. Your job is to select the right villagers to populate the city, and they will be the ones that build it back up to its former glory. 

The trick is to balance villagers with your food production limits and requirements, as well as your building capacity. The winner is the first player to have the most efficient supply lines and a thriving city. 

The Game of Life 

The Game of Life sees players rush to become the wealthiest at retirement. You start as a youngster and work your way through school, university, getting a degree, a job, relationships, loss, and everything in between. 

The only version incorporates 3D animations and allows players to either play solo against AI opponents, against friends or strangers online, or against family in their own household. It is a very cheap alternative to the legendary game. 


Risk is the game of global domination. Players compete to control as much of the earth as possible by spreading their armies to maintain and defend at the same time. The winner is the player who defeats all other enemies. 

The online version allows you to play against AI opponents and change the difficulty and mode. You can play online against friends and strangers. Risk is one of the best strategy board games ever made. 


Twilight Struggle 

Twilight Struggle is a two-player game that sees each player control either the United States or the USSR during the Cold War. Each side battles for global dominance and control. Contrary to other war-based games, you don’t fight; instead, you use espionage and coup attempts to gain power. 

Like other online games, you can hone your skills against an AI-controlled enemy. There is also an expansion that offers alternative starting scenarios. 

Boggle with Friends 

The classic and simple game of Boggle is now available online. You compete against opponents to spell out as many words as possible from a random selection of letters each round. 

The online version also offers different modes, time limits, and difficulties. You are also able to play against strangers or friends online, as well as AI opponents. 

As you can tell, not owning a particular board game, or not having your friends and family around to play, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. They may be the online versions, but they are cheap, just as fun and many offer even more features and expansions that you don’t get with the real-life versions. 

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