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[Fixed] Discord Overlay Not Working

Discord is a voice over Internet protocol that allows gamers to communicate among themselves while playing the game. The Overlay feature of the Discord application enables a full-screen display while playing games online. If you are encountering the Discord Overlay not working issue, then no need to worry. We have gathered some excellent fixes to […]


Solve Discord Javascript Error With Some Effective Solutions

Many times, after installing an antivirus tool, especially Avast, you can experience the Discord JavaScript error. Sometimes, due to the %AppData% and %LocalAppData% folder, you may have to deal with the issue. Also, due to the Administrator permissions problem or an issue with the Startup type of the Windows can also lead to this technical […]


How To Fix Discord Not Connecting

Discord is a free all-in-one application for voice, video and text chat for gamers. It’s quite secure and provides these services on both desktop and phone versions.  It has multiple features that are useful for gamers to communicate with each other. But some users are facing trouble while connecting to Discord. The majority of Discord […]


Easy Hacks To Fix Discord Won’t Open Issue

Discord is a VoIP app used by several users for chatting purposes. It has a Windows application for Windows users. But sometimes, users often complain that they are encountering several problems while opening this application.  Sometimes, it displays a class gray Discord window and nothing else. So, if you are also stuck on the same […]


Fix Discord Not Picking Up the Mic Issue

Discord not picking up the mic issue is a vast problem especially for the video gamers. If you disable the Automatic Input Sensitivity setting of the Discord app, then this issue might arise. Sometimes it is possible that the microphone which you are using is the reason behind the issue. The other factor that includes […]


How To Fix Discord No Route Error [Resolved]

A pretty reliable and useful application that gamers and subcultures use, Discord is one of the most downloaded applications. The gamers generally usually use Discord to communicate while playing online games.  But when it comes to connecting voice channels some susceptible and occasional issues are seen. Many Discord users face this problem while they try […]


How to Update Discord on PC? [Complete Guide]

It is necessary to update Discord to enjoy its latest functionalities. Despite the constant development, Discord is still held by bugs. Discord not updating is one of those bugs that bother users.  So, if you are looking for how to update Discord, then you are in the right place. Just follow the methods discussed below […]


Fix : Discord Can’t Hear Anyone Issue With Premium Hacks

Discord allows users to voice chat. However, sometimes you might experience that the Discord can’t hear anyone problem arises. That is, the other users clearly hear your voice but you can not hear them. Want to know why this issue occurs? Well, most of the time due to the improper setting of the audio driver […]


7 Effective Fixes To Resolve Discord Screen Share Not Working Issue

Suffering from Discord screen share, not working issues is one of the most annoying issues that you can frequently encounter. Most of the discord users often reported about the issue. Luckily, they have successfully tackled the problem with the help of the fixes, so read on and check them out.  What Causes Discord Screen Share […]


Discord Push To Talk Not Working Properly: Get Prominent Fixes

It can be very frustrating when Discord’s push to talk is not working properly. Basically push to talk is a microphone which is a communication tool for gaming purposes. This is a common problem and you can easily resolve it with the help of this article. In case, if the Discord application is not working […]