How to Fix Heart Rate Monitor on a Fitbit Charge 2

How to Fix Heart Rate Monitor on A Fitbit Charge 2 [Resolved]

With Fitbit, you get the chance to capture and records all your daily activities. When you wear this gadget on your hand, it automatically tends to display your active heart rate. But if it fails to display your heart rate accurately then you need to troubleshoot it.  All you need to know is how to […]

How to Update a Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker

How To Update A Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker? Step-By-Step Guide

The Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker comes with various attractive features like exercise tracking, automatic sleep and many others. You will get three types of smartphone notifications such as caller ID, text messages, calendar appointments.  Sometimes, you might not be able to enjoy all its features as the Fitbit Alta is not updated. Then, you need […]

how to update a Fitbit Blaze Fitness Band

How To Update A Fitbit Blaze Fitness Band?

Fitbit Blaze is a smart fitness watch that is designed to track your workout routine. If you continuously update the Fitbit Blaze, then it will surely improve the tracking process as well as improve your performance stats. Besides that, after updating, the Fitbit will introduce new fixes for glitches and this will surely enhance the […]