Chat GPT vs. Assignment Writing Services: Which is More Reliable?

Student years are often regarded as the most exciting, adventurous, and fun time in a person’s life. When students enter their desired college or university after high school, they are thrilled. However, this excitement can quickly turn into anxiety and sleepless nights as they discover the many responsibilities they now have. From attending lectures and taking exams to completing individual and group assignments, the workload can be overwhelming. While there are different ways to handle this workload, some students turn to AI-powered writing tools like Chat to speed up their assignments, while others prefer to hire an assignment writing service. Let’s compare the benefits and disadvantages of both approaches.

Are Assignment Writing Services Legitimate?

While most academic institutions and professors forbid students from hiring assignment writing services, using this kind of service doesn’t break any law in the United States. However, students should carefully read online reviews, like essay pro reviews, and select only trustworthy and reputable writing help providers to avoid any fraudulent or illegal activities. Besides complying with academic integrity, the service should also observe moral and ethical standards.

By hiring legitimate and reliable assignment writing services, students can be sure that they’ll receive well-researched and plagiarism-free papers. The writing service provider will maintain the confidentiality of their personal information.

Hiring assignment writing services is safe, but using ChatGPT for writing papers and academic purposes is risky. Some cases have been reported of students being caught cheating with AI writing tools. As a result, many of them received stern warnings from university professors and rectors, while others were immediately expelled. Therefore, it is wiser to entrust your homework to a professional than to risk your place at the university.

How to Detect Plagiarism

Companies providing assignment writing services have a team of experts, writers, and PhDs who use their expertise and knowledge to create unique content. To ensure that all papers and assignments are not copied from anywhere, assignment writing service providers use plagiarism checkers to scan the content and provide students with a detailed plagiarism report that shows that the assignment is 100% authentic.

AI-generated texts can also be unique, but they aren’t reliable. AI tools use specific patterns for generating texts that can be detected by plagiarism checkers. For example, Edward Tian, a senior at Princeton University, has recently developed an application called GPTZero. It analyzes the structure and style of the text and compares it with the patterns commonly used by ChatGPT. In this way, the application can find out if the text was written by artificial intelligence. So, students should hire an assignment writing service provider to be absolutely sure that they receive unique content that is written personally for them.

Price of Assignment Writing Services vs. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an OpenAI service, meaning that everyone can register and use it for free. But the number of users is growing, and at some point, it may become paid to cover maintenance and service fees.

On the other hand, companies providing assessment writing help, charge some fees for their services. The prices depend on several factors:

  • Length: One-page assignments don’t cost the same as five-page texts.
  • Deadline: Urgent assignments are more expensive than those with longer deadlines.
  • Subject: Simpler subjects may be less expensive than more complex ones.
  • Quality: Original and high-quality content may charge more than those that offer lower quality or plagiarized work.

Depending on these factors, the costs of assignments can vary between one and one hundred dollars or even more. However, it’s better to be on the safe side and pay the experts for authentic content than risk it all and get expelled from the university.

Drawbacks of Using ChatGPT

Despite the general admiration for ChatGPT, the service has several obvious drawbacks:

  1. The OpenAI service has a 4096 character limit. This means that the tool cannot receive and scan texts longer than approximately 500 words. On the other hand, writing services do not have character limits. Specialists will cope with tasks of any volume and complexity.
  2. Most often, the texts generated by GPT Chat are of poor quality, lack authenticity, and also do not pass the plagiarism check. Moreover, the content written by the AI tool can be detected by GPTZero.
  3. Because the platform is still being developed, users frequently encounter technical difficulties and network errors. These issues can be unpredictable and can disrupt your work, particularly when you’re in the middle of completing homework assignments. However, students never come across such an issue while hiring a assignment help service. You can assign the task, forget about it, and receive it on time.


To sum up, it makes more sense for students to hire reliable assignment writing services instead of using ChatGPT. While it may be tempting to use AI writing tools since many of them are free and open source, there are also risks of low quality content and plagiarism. Moreover, if your instructors discover that you have used artificial intelligence software to write your assignment, you may be expelled. However, there is no need to panic. You will be able to complete your homework faster if you hire a writing assistant who will study your topic and write authentic text.

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