Content Marketing Ideas for Music Production

Musicians have long asked this question: How do I promote my music online?

Technology has paced itself in a way that if you fail to keep up as a creative, you’ll get lost in the speed of everything. It’s not just the music production materials and equipment you have to worry about like audio interfaces or studio monitors. Marketing your music is an important factor too. Musicians’ careers when it comes to promotion have been heavily reliant on the internet. It has also changed the game for the music listening experience. And here comes ‘Content Marketing Ideas’.

So, today, I’m going to give you the greatest advice on how to advertise your music, build your fan base, and earn more money – and it’ll work for every artist and career path.

What Content Marketing Means

The term “content marketing” refers to a type of marketing popularized by online marketers. The goal is to increase the exposure to what you’re promoting by providing free material.

You’re presenting yourself as a musician in this scenario.

This information can take any shape that you like. Text postings on your webpage, media players that play your music, videos on Youtube or any other site, and photographs on your website, Instagram, and other social media platforms are all examples.

This information should be developed and distributed on a weekly basis at the very least. This method will perform much better if you can publish material on a daily basis.
How Important Is Content Marketing?

It’s nearly hard to make more noise than anyone else in today’s music industry. This type of promotion worked great in the past when labels had a lot of money to spend on advertising, but it’s just not viable on today’s modest budget. Plus, to be fair, fans are starting to grow tired of being yelled at.

3 Efficient Strategies for Content Marketing

For your content marketing to be creative and effective, there are aspects that you need to prepare for.

1.  Get To Know Your Audience

The first step is to thoroughly research and comprehend your target audience. You want your material to be truly relevant to your audience and their preferences.

Social media experts may provide some basic demographic information such as age, gender, and location. You may also discover more about your audience by conducting polls and surveys. Even asking fans to vote on the type of material they want to see and putting it on social media would be extremely beneficial.

2.  Set Your Goals Straight

The next stage is to figure out where you want to go with your music career in the long run. Because, quite frankly, there are more opportunities for musicians nowadays than ever.

If you want to make the majority of your money via YouTube and Patreon and don’t want to go somewhat on tour, all of your work should inspire people to interact with you on those sites.

For singles, you could even want to skip the usual “album” format.

3.  Utilize Timely ‘Call to Actions’

After you’ve decided what sort of material to make, you’ll need to include a compelling call to action. A “call to action” in marketing simply means encouraging your audience to perform a certain action, such as clicking a link or contributing to your music campaign.

Why Must Musicians Do Content Marketing?

You should be consistently releasing stuff for your followers so that they not only have a reason to return to see what you’re up to next, but also so that you can strengthen your connection with them and make them more aware of you.

Many musicians and businesses choose content marketing since it is less expensive than other forms of advertising. Wasting billions on TV and radio may rapidly mount up, but producing material is typically far less expensive. Additionally, that content will often last longer and, in certain situations, can be reproduced in the future.

Another advantage of content marketing is the increased visibility it provides in search engines. The more you tend to load your site with high-quality material, the top search engines will rank you, and the more individuals searching for music will find your stuff. In other words, this is beneficial to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

23 Content Marketing Ideas for Music Production

These are the following ideas you can try for content marketing if you’re in the music production industry.

Video-Based Content Marketing Ideas

  • Studio session videos

  • ‘Day in the life’ vlogs
  • Official video posting of whatever you’re up to
  • ‘Net’/’Street’ videos
  • Video shoot ‘behind the scenes’
  • Live show recording
  • The fan meet videos/lunch meeting contest and other activities
  • Upcoming single or album progress videos

Contest Ideas You Can Try

  • ‘Share this page to win’ content, where users go on Facebook or Twitter to enter into that competition.
  • ‘Best fan photo’ contest, where users pose about anything related to you as a musician.
  • ‘Best fan musician’ contest, where a winner has the chance to be featured on a track with you

Photos /Still Image-Based Content

  • Photos of you with fans
  • Studio session photos with you in it
  • Photos where you’re doing fun stuff, cool activities, and authentic things that show what image you want to portray outside of your music
  • If your fans are also passionate about anything else linked to you, photos should reflect it. If your audience likes skating, for example, you’ll want photos of skateboarders and skateboards.
  • The early teaser looks at your album or the art of it.

Song Related Content Marketing

  • Streams of your newly-released music
  • A clip of an upcoming track from your album
  • A compilation of track clips mashed together to show that you have an upcoming project that’s about to be released.

Other Content Marketing Ideas

  • A personally voted top 5 countdown of all your tracks
  • A poll of your songs that are fan favorites
  • Fan-chosen favorite song countdown
  • A personal view of an issue that’s important to you

Final Thoughts

Content marketing may be a very effective method for attracting new fans and involving them in your music career. It’s ideal if you can post at least two or three pieces of material every week, if not more.

Just guarantee the quality doesn’t suffer, since because you’re not going to post, you’re better off limiting yourself to a few good articles every week.

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