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Since the early 1990s, the Portable Document Format has been an indispensable tool of communication.
This digital format for correspondence has been a preference of many for creating confidential and essential documents in various fields. Since users utilize this format for such important purposes, it is necessary to ensure accuracy and easy access to PDF for an extended period. As a result, the need to convert PDF to PDF/A arises.

What is PDF/A?

What is PDF/A? How does it differ from PDF? Why convert PDF to PDFA?

PDF/A is a version of the PDF format. Moreover, PDF/A is a family of ISO standards for constrained forms of PDF. It eliminates certain risks to the reproducibility of the content in the future. Moreover, such applies regardless of the software being utilized. The PDFa is intended for the long-term preservation of files or documents. The above-mentioned are the reasons why many opt to convert PDF to PDFa.

The details/information needed for displaying a document together with other elements, in the same manner, is embedded in the file. As a result, the document becomes safe, secure, and accessible for an extended period. Primarily, PDF/A replaces paper with electronic documents. A file in an electronic format provides users with additional features such as digital signatures and full–text search.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A

Besides converting word documents to PDF files or vice versa, an online utility like PDFBear can easily convert PDF to PDFa. Follow these simple steps and have a converted PDF to PDFa in minutes.

  1. Search on your browser for PDFBear.
  2.  Next, click the “TOOLS” icon and select PDF to PDF/A. Select a file from your Dropbox or computer.
  3. Then, the online tool will upload the file instantly. Set the PDF/A conformance level.
  4.  After selecting the conformance level, click the “ Convert to PDF/A Now” icon. Lastly, the converted document will be ready for you to download within two minutes.

Convert PDF to PDFa online with PDFBear, and you do not have to worry about privacy. The 256-bit Encryption technology will protect the entirety of your uploaded file. Also, convert PDF to PDFa online with PDFBear, and you do not have to worry about your device or storage capacity. You may save your files in PDFBear’s cloud system. Thus, it allows you to open and view your files with ease and save you some space on your devices.

PDFBear supports all kinds of browsers and devices, making it possible to convert PDF to PDFa in the most convenient way. Generally, an online converter can transform PDF files to PDFa. However, there are instances that some features cannot be transferred to a PDFa file. Why? The contents of the source PDF and PDFa target selection are some factors that sometimes hinder the conversion.

The 3 Options Of PDF/A

Users need to know the saving options for PDFa. Each option gives a different level of conformance. The levels facilitate the preservation of various items or details in your digital file and support such things as layers and effects.


This guarantees that a PDF can be displayed and read on a computer monitor. However, the legibility of the text is not guaranteed.


Use this type if you want to create an archival version of your document. This version will save all your document elements and will provide you a mirror copy.


“u” is for Unicode. This version allows organizations to ensure that document text can be reliably searched and copied.

Additional Info About PDF/A

PDF/A can be modified; however, there is a need to run the according to Preflight Profile against the modified file. It would be best if you do this to recheck/review or reset the PDF/A flag. Go to the Preferences in the document tab and switch the setting for “View documents in PDF/A mode” to “never,” this will make it possible for editing PDF/A.

1. Why is PDF/A better than a PDF?

PDF/A forbids contents that are dynamic. By doing so, PDF/A ensures that the users will see the exact content today and for years to come. Moreover, it eliminates possibilities of future reproducibility of the content. PDF/A requires that all needed to render the document precisely, such as fonts, color profiles, images, etc., are contained in the file.

2. PDF/A Files and Copyright Details

With Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) technology, PDF/A allows users to save various metadata such as the copyright.

3. Files Encryption and Bookmarks

This type of file does not allow the use of encryption. Bookmarks will not cause problems, and for that, they are permitted in PDF/A.

4. Can you use CAD on PDF/A?

CAD files may be included as embedded objects in PDF/A – 3.

5. Compression and Links

Zip file compression is allowed. While images can be compressed using JPEG compression. On the other hand, LZW compression is not permitted. There is no issue with including them in a PDF/A file when it comes to links, but external links will likely become invalid over some time.

6. On Viewing PDF/A

All PDF viewers can display PDF/A files. You do not need to buy or download special applications for viewing or displaying PDF/A.

7. Long – Term Archiving

The ISO standard requires that PDF viewing applications must be backward compatible. This requirement means that applications can display older versions of PDF/A correctly.


PDF/A is an improved version of the portable document format, which is anchored to ISO standards. Both are reliable document formats; however, PDF/A provides more security and ensures that a file remains accessible and accurate for a longer time. Users can easily convert PDF to PDFa using online converters like PDFBear. In just four easy steps, users can transform their files to this format. There are no special skills needed. With PDFBear, all you need to do is click a few icons and wait for the conversion to finish shortly. This online tool remains as user-friendly and reliable as ever whether you need to convert, compress, repair or delete documents.

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