CRM for logistics


The work of a transport company is associated with a large number of business processes and constant interaction with customers. A modern CRM system offers transportation companies automation services for routine operations, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Pros of the crm for logistics

Among the advantages of using business process optimization in CRM for transport companies are:

  • Increasing the speed of processing applications. Automation of the operation of accepting an application in CRM and displaying its status for the manager allows the employee to quickly respond to the request, and the requests from the client are not lost, regardless of which communication channel they came from.
  • Optimization of the staff. By performing several employees of a transport company in one CRM function, you can reduce the cost of maintaining a “bloated” staff.
  • CRM work with telephony, instant messengers, mail programs and other means of communication with the client base allows you to increase the efficiency of work with the client, increasing the customer’s loyalty to the transport company.

Rules for choosing a CRM system

Choosing a CPM for a transport company, it is worth understanding what CRM is in logistics, what functionality the system should contain and what tasks to solve in a particular organization.

Any CRM for this business area meets the following requirements:

  •  maintaining a common base of customers and executors of orders of the transport organization;
  •  creation, printing and distribution of documents and service templates;
  •  integration with third-party programs, including accounting;
  •  operator-friendly system interface.

Popular solutions on the market

Modern CPMs for logistics offer their users a wide arsenal of tools for solving a wide variety of tasks, as well as highly targeted systems for automating one or several operations. Depending on the goals and capabilities, any transport company can choose the option that is suitable specifically for it.



CRM Aurama is designed for courier services, automates the processes of accepting applications, distributing them between performers, receiving an order by a courier, calculating with a delivery system and creating a financial report. For the courier, a special application has been developed that displays the status of the application in real time, integration with Yandex and Google navigators, a chat with a dispatcher, etc. are provided. Integration via API is also available, customer notification via SMS.


MobiDel is a CRM for a transport delivery service that offers its users:

  1. mobile application for customers, pickers and couriers;
  2. service tracking orders on the site;
  3. SMS-informing about the status of the order;
  4. integration of CRM systems with telephony;
  5. ordering tools;
  6. tracking the position of couriers in real time;
  7. reports, inventory control and assortment.


CRM FRONTPAD is designed to record incoming applications, distribute them between couriers, delivery and reporting. Among the capabilities of the CRM system are order status service, SMS notifications, receipt printing, quick search for a client in the database by phone number, a system of cumulative discounts and bonuses, analytical tools for customer acquisition channels, a courier application, automation of the order distribution process, integration with telephony, reports and statistics.


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