Easy Ways To Disable Cortana Windows 10

With Windows 10, you must have seen Cortana residing within, to assist you in all your system activities. The feature has been aided with the aim of helping users in providing estimated support to facilitate in their work. However, many users find it plain annoying and look for ways to get rid of it. But, the feature is the primary inbuilt features of Windows 10. Thus, it is quite daunting to remove it completely from the system. You may have already searched all over the internet for evident measures to disable. But, unfortunately, no luck!

This post will cover all the easy hacks that will surely make you easily disable Windows 10 Cortana. Here are all the basic configuration tips that will allow you to get the most out of the issue. The tight integration of Cortana along with Windows 10 makes it quite daunting to shift from the system.
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Nevertheless, the process is not so tricky if you get the gist of how to access it properly. For that, go through the entire post and you will get the necessary information in this regard.

The Function of Cortana

Cortana can assist with almost all the system activities with great efficiency. It is a well-designed programme to facilitate notification display, sending emails, settings reminders, and access everything just with your voice. Conversely, a lot of users find it intrusive and thus, prefers to turn this feature off. So, your quest to find the utmost support in disabling Cortana easily ends here.

How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10

In order to disable Cortana, you can use the single toggle option before you carry out the Anniversary update. The best way to deactivate the feature is by using the Group Policy. This will allow you to easily disable it with bare minimal impact. Please note, you can disable the feature only on Windows 10 pro and enterprise version.

Another easy aid is to get the restore point. This will allow you to make the necessary changes in your system and that will not possess a major effect while disabling Cortana.

If you are searching for some additional guidelines, here is an apparent way out for it.
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You can easily do it just by launching the settings app. This will make you go through the Privacy option, then go to speech, inking and lastly typing. There, you will have to click on the “stop getting to know me” option. This action will help you to turn off Cortana and this may as well delete the information present on the device. However, remember that all the data on Cortana’s notebook is safe and will not be erased out of the memory.

Points To Remember

Make sure that before you disable the Cortana, you must create a Windows system restore point. This will ensure that all your recorded documents are safe inside the system. For this, you will need to type “system restore” in the Windows search box. This will open a dialogue box in which you need to tap on the option saying “create a restore point”. This will then allow you to create the folder by clicking on the box appearing at the bottom section of the pop-up box.

You can denote a specific name to it before saving it as a newly created folder.

The entire process will take a few minutes and thereby you can see a snapshot of the screen. This will allow you to retrieve the information just in case anything goes wrong while disabling Cortana. Thus, make sure you carry out the entire process properly and if required call some experts for assistance.

Words Of Caution

Please note that any alteration, or removing wrong items may hamper the system performance. The issue can make your PC not to work reliably by impacting the bootup option.

Thus, you need to make sure that you do not entertain any mistake while editing the Windows registry.

Cortana is an evident part of your Windows system. Thus, it is quite a worrisome task to get rid of this integral component of the system. However, the above solutions are best to work in your aid. Give a try to all the steps and it will surely help you disable Cortona.

The digital voice assistant is a major innovative feature that is exclusive to Windows 10. The particular feature was developed in order to make the operating system work simply with an intuitive approach. But, in case you wish to discontinue this feature, you can try out the above-provided solutions. Be sure to let us know which method works well for you, in the comment section below.


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