What to do when 0x800704c7 Error occurs?

By means of Windows Update, you can essentially update all your System Apps and features. However, the process of Windows Update also undergoes certain technical glitches and follies . And since most of us currently Windows 10, in this article we are going to offer an in-depth discussion of one of the most common Update Errors Windows 10, namely 0x800704c7.

The error 0x800704c7 normally trigger due to corrupted or missing files or in case the background processes  encounters an unexpected conflict with the Update Process. While there are many other factors causing the error , these two seem to be the fundamental reasons. Nonetheless, whatever may be the cause, such an unexpected technical glitch  is bound to cause much harassment and dismay for users.

Therefore, keeping in mind such problems, we have decided to bring forth a detailed transcription offering you feasible remedies to the problem. So, keep reading through our article.

Error Code 0x800704c7: A Brief on the Problem

As mentioned above, error code 0x800704c7 usually triggers in case there is an unexpected conflict between the background process and update process. Also, the error triggers if an essential System Files go, missing or found corrupt. However, whatever may be the cause of the problem, such an error definitely unleashes the threat of System hazards and various malfunctioning. The worst part behind  such errors is that the error in question usually does not show up during the update process, On the contrary, you are more likely to encounter the repercussions of the glitch while accomplishing the regular computer tasks.

For instance, you have every possibility of running into the error under discussion while  normal browsing. Users also raise concerns that they have encountered the same while working on Chrome. Thus, it is quite evident that you can’t let go of it  or spare it unattended. Whatever be it, you need to goad yourself to counter action and take appropriate preventive measures against the glitch.

Potential Causes Behind 0x800704c7: When Do You See It Occur?

Now as per the motive of the article, we are going to offer you the premium fixes to the problem. However, before we do that, let us first enlighten you about the potential causes of the problem. For, unless  you know what’s causing the glitch, you won’t be able to decide on the remedial measures to undertake in order to curb the glitch. As stated above, the two fundamental causes of the problem are:

Corrupt or Missing System Files: In case your System Files are detected as corrupt  or is found missing, your Windows will fail to operate normally, triggering the error 0x800704c7.

Conflicting Background Processes: On of the vital causes behind the occurrence of the error is the error is the conflicting background processes. That is to say, if the background applications of your System such as the third-party antivirus utilities and other such background applications interfere with the Windows Update process, it might trigger trigger error code 0x800704c7.

However, besides these core factors, there are also other reasons  behind the occurrence of the technical glitch in question. For instance, though rarely,sometimes 0x800704c7 pops up while the normal execution of the Windows Update process. That is, when your System is getting updated. Even when you go on to work  on Google Chrome.

Nonetheless, there is nothing for you  to worry about. For, although the glitch  is troublesome, it is not without a fix. And, in the section that follows, we are going to offer you ,firesure tricks to resolve the error in question. So, keep reading .

Feasible Fixes to Counter error 0x800704c7 in Minutes

0x800704c7 usually pops up on screen during  the course of the System Update or even perhaps when you go  on to execute some common regular computer-related task, simple browsing and such like .You are suddenly hindered midway through the process by an unexpected error message stating “ feature update to windows 10, version 1709 – error 0x800704c7”. Nonetheless worry not. With the solutions we now offer, resolving  the issue will be no more than a plaything for you. Take a look at the premium solutions we list below:

Fix 1 : Power off or  Deactivate the Third Party Antivirus

Since one of the potential causes behind the occurrence  of the error is the conflict of the background antivirus applications  with the System Update, deactivating the Antivirus applications can be an easy fix to the  problem. Therefore, in case your System Update Process undergoes a hindrance , you can easily counter the glitch by simply tuning off the third-party antivirus  application. And after you have disabled the antivirus, just restart your computer system and see whether the issue is resolved or not. This should work. However, in case the issue still persists, you can try out our next alternative solution.

Fix 2: Give your System Some Time for the Server Issues to Get Resolved

Now, this might sound a little unexpected. However don’t get puzzled. Sometimes patience  might just be the appropriate solution for your problem. Actually some users raise concerns over the sudden cessation of the Update Process after reaching a certain point . Essentially Speaking the Windows Update suddenly stops  midway through the process on reaching a certain percentage. In case you encounter such hazards, do not panic. It might be due to any server-related problem.

Therefore, just hold on with patience for some time and wait for the Server issues to resolve. The process might as well take you a couple of hours. And the moment the problem is redressed, the Windows Update Wizard will resume  its operation.

Fix 3: Amend the Windows Files That are Corrupted

Corrupted or missing System Files are a potential cause behind the occurrence of 0x800704c7. However, you can easily redress such damages by means of availing two command-line utility tools, namely DISM as well as SFC.  The System File Checker accounts to be a utility tool that enables you to execute a thorough scanning of your System. In the process it helps you detect the corrupted files and amend them accordingly. In case the SFC fails to resolve the error , you can make  use of the DISM or the Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool. This utility tool searches for the corrupt or defective files thoroughly and fixes them after detecting the same.

Detailed Guide to Run SFC

In order to launch the SFC Scan , go through the undermentioned instructions:

  • Right click on Start and launch the Elevated Command Prompt. You will have to choose the Command prompt Option from the list of options that pops up. You can also launch the Command Prompt Window by means of pressing the Windows + X Shortcut Keys. Then choose the correct option
  • Thereafter, you should tye the following command within the Command Prompt Window and press the Enter button. This is going to initiate the Scanning Process.

Step-by-Step instructions to Launch DISM Cleanup Image Utility  

And  if you wish to  make use of the DISM, you can do the same by using the DISM Cleanup Image Tool in Command Prompt. For this, follow the instructions cited below:

  • Type cmd within the Search Dialog Box. Thereafter right-click on the Elevated Command Prompt Option and press on the Run as administrator button.
  • Following this feed in the  “ Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth command. Then check whether kyour OF files have been detected as corrupt. If yes, you are going to receive confirmation on whether it is revocable or not.
  • Once done , you should feed in the command” Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth “
  • The command cited above detects the corrupt files and executes the repair measures accordingly. Mark, that the process can be a little time-consuming. The time taken will depend on the nature and degree of damage. It might take you up to four hours as well. The minimum time taken however is 20 minutes approximately.  

Fix 4: Try Downloading the Latest KB

This can be one of the most effective and affordable resort for you . You can definitely try to download the latest and most up-to-date KB and install the same in your machine. You can do the same from the MS Update Catalog. Follow the instructions given below to download the KB:

  • First and foremost, press on the Windows Key as well as I  in order to launch the Settings Page.
  • Following this , visit the ‘“Update and Security” Tab. Thereafter, you need to search out for the option entitled ‘View update history ’‘View update history”. On finding the same ,  press on the option.
  • Oce this is done , look out for the latest KB. You shall find the KB code right on  top of the panel. On finding the code, copy it down.
  • Following this, reach out to the official MS Update Website Page and download the latest KB for your System.
  • Once downloaded, press on the install button to start the installation process.

Fix 5: Perform System Restore

Sometimes, System Restore can be an easy solution for the error in question. Sometimes, System Update can be an easy solution to many problems. It might be the solution you are looking for. Yes , you have heard that correct. You can curb the error 0x800704c7. Below are the instructions to perform  System Restore:

  • Click on the Start Menu Bar and  initiate the Control Panel Window
  • Thereafter,you should feed in Recovery within the Search Dialog box and press on the option as and when it pops up
  • Then, choose the option named “Open System Restore”
  • Finally you must choose a System Restore Point where 0x800704c7 didn’t trigger up
  • Once done, press on the Next option and then click on Finish.

Parting Note

With the solutions we offered, resolving 0x800704c7 error code should not be a big deal for you. And what’s more is that these tricks are quite simple and easy-going. Therefore, it is no rocket science for you to execute them. So, don’t linger on with the sticky technical glitch and get rid of it, applying the solutions we offered at the earliest.   

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