5 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working — 2021 Guide

While watching movies at Amazon Prime, you might face some interruptions like the video not working, extreme buffering, poor video clarity and others. This can easily hamper your entertainment. This type of situation is the indication of Amazon Prime Video not working. 

So, you need to take some necessary steps regarding that. Few simple ways are there that will help you to fix the issue, completely. Let’s check some of the most effective solutions for rolling back the prime video to its normal condition, once again

Fix 1: Check the Account Status 

Without the active status of the Amazon account, you will never be able to watch the prime video. You have to subscribe to this streaming platform, make sure that the status is currently active. If the subscription is over, then you will not be able to play any videos. Access the Settings and look at the account section for further information. 

Fix 2: Check the Connection Status 

The status of the internet connection will also give you further information about why Amazon Prime Video not working. Check your router and see whether the internet connection is stable or not. Further, if your internet is running slow, it is better to reduce the clarity of the video to avoid any type of video buffering.

Fix 3: Install on a Separate Device

If the Amazon Prime Video not working on your device correctly, then you can do a trial and error method. Leave aside your mobile device and borrow a device from someone. Install the application and login with the correct credentials. 

If implemented perfectly, still error appears, then there must be some issues with your phone or the application itself. If possible, reinstall the application and then try again. Reset your device to wipe out all the complications. Hopefully, after the reset, you will not face any issues with the Prime video. 

Fix 4: Create a Strong Bandwidth

The range of the Wi-Fi signal matters while streaming a video on your mobile device. If you are sitting far enough, then the signal becomes much weaker and the loss of bandwidth takes place. To create a strong bandwidth and avoid situations like Amazon Prime Video not working, move closer to your wireless network device. If possible, turn off all the other activities like downloads and uploads, VPNs, so that they don’t consume the bandwidth. 

Fix 5: Resolving the streaming issues 

When Amazon Prime Video not working, the streaming problems make the most out of it. On the other hand, it produces several error codes. Some of them are like 1022, 7003, 7031, 7202, and many more. This happens when the speed is not fast enough to support high-quality streaming. 

In such cases, you need to test the speed of your internet connection. If there are any hassles, then contact your ISP at once, and inform them about the issues. Before that, checking the router will be fruitful to avoid any type of internal complications.

Fix Other Additional Issues 

Apart from the Amazon Prime Video not working, there are some other issues that can appear. Getting a brief idea about them will be helpful for you to fix it with ease. 

Eliminate the problems with Downloads 

As a premium subscriber, you will obviously get the facility of downloading your desired video to watch it offline. This is a great feature that helps you in enjoying uninterrupted entertainment during the unavailability of an internet connection. 

If the downloading feature doesn’t work well, then sign out from the application. You need to stop the application, wait for some time and then open it once again. Then, re-sign in to refresh the user-interface. Hopefully,  you will be able to download your desired items.

Skip the video problems 

Certain video issues might take place in the Prime Video application. You can consider it partially in the category of Amazon Prime Video not working. According to the experts, they have noticed that the quality deteriorates automatically while the media is running. 

Thus, you can rectify this error by removing all the video cache. Access the Settings to enter into the Application manager. Remove the video cache by tapping on the Clear Data. Finally, restart the application to save the changes. 

Eliminate the Login issues

The error 5005 occurs when you fail to login into the application. You can try again and again but with no positive result. The connection issue might be one of the main reasons behind this. 

Further, the log-in facility is applicable in every device with the same credentials. But, streaming is only available on two devices at a time. So, if someone tries using the account, then there is a fair chance that this problem might occur. Thus, restrict the usage of your account and try to login again.

Summing Up…

One thing you need to remember is that offline downloads from the Amazon Prime Video stores the media in the internal storage. Before downloading, make sure that there is enough space available. If not, then free up and then start downloading. The Amazon Prime video network provides you with the ultimate entertainment. Subscribe and enjoy with your friends and family.

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