Follow These Steps To Get Rid Of The Android Error Code 940

When you are trying to access Google Play Store, you might find some error codes which are associated with the Google Play Store. The error code keeps popping up on the system screen time and again. From all of them, the most annoying and disturbing issue is Android error code 940. When you get this error code, it comes along with an error message that Application can’t be downloaded. Due to the error code, you are unable to download any application.

The main reason behind the error code is when your device is running out of space. However, no tool can stop this error code from occurring. In addition, the error code appears when the Google Play Store cannot process the download task properly. Moreover, the virus attack is one of the common reasons for any type of error.
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No exception in this case.

If you are facing this error code 940, then here we are covering all the possible and easiest solutions in order to fix the issue. Hence, stay with this article and apply the steps accordingly.

Prominent Methods to Eradicate Android Error Code 940:

Due to the Android error code 940, you cannot download any application from the Google Play Store. Hence, you need to fix the issue as early as possible. To do so, you need to go through the article and perform the steps as described in the section below.

Method 1: A Simple Reboot

When you confront the error code 940, the first thing you need to do is to restart the system. Make sure that you should completely power off your device and restart the system again.

To do so, press the Power button. You will find four options. Do not select the Restart option. Select the Power off option and hit the OK button to confirm the action. Wait for a couple of seconds and press the Power button again. After that, try to download an application from the Google Play Store, check whether you are able to download the application.

Method 2: Clearing App Data

A simple restart of your phone does not help you to resolve Android error code 940. Then, you need to remove the cache data of the existing application. Follow the steps as mentioned in the section below to perform the action.

  1. At first, navigate to the Settings option of your Android device. Now, proceed to the Application Manager option. On the other hand, you can make your way to the Application Manager from the Application option.

  1. Here, you will find all the applications. Search for the Google Play Store application and click on it.

  1. After that, click on the Clear cache option to remove all the caches from the application. Once you are done, then move back to the previous section and search for the Download Manager and then select the Download option. Select the Clear data, from the menu.

After doing this, check whether the error code 940 gets resolved.

Method 3: Update the Google Play Store

Another effective solution is to update the Google Play Store. Hence, to get rid of this issue, you need to upgrade the Play Store.
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To perform the action, follow the steps that are described in the section below.

Step 1

At first, move to the Settings option and navigate to the Software Update window.

Step 2

After that, choose the Check for Updates option. It will automatically whether an updated version is available or not. If yes, then it will start to download and install a fresh version on your device.

Step 3

After downloading and installing the updated version, restart the system to apply the changes.

Lastly, open the Google Play Store and try to download any application.

Hope that now you are able to download the application from the Google Play Store.

Method 4: Scan the Device

If your device gets attacked by a virus, you might confront the error code 940.  Hence, you need to do a full scan of your device. To do so, you need to download security software on your phone. There is an inbuilt application that you will find in your phone. You can use it to perform the scanning process. Just launch the Application and search for the Scan your Device option. When the problem gets finished, restart the system and the problem will automatically get resolved.

Method 5: Free up Some Storage from the Internal Memory of your Phone

When your phone is running out of storage, the error code appears on the system screen. You can free up your internal memory in many ways. You can do it by uninstalling the application from your phone. You can also do it by deleting unnecessary files and images. Deleting the files that you do not need any longer should help you solve the error.

To Sum it Up

That’s all you need to know all about the different aspects of the Android error code 940. The above-described solutions will definitely help you to sort out the problem. Furthermore, if you have any additional query, you can post them in the comment section below. To get more tech articles like this, you can follow our website.

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