5 Easy Hacks For Troubleshooting The APC Index Mismatch Error On Windows 10

Sometimes, you may get a blue screen with the APC index mismatch error on your Windows 10 device. This error doesn’t have any definition and may occur due to forcefully starting of the computer or while installing new hard drives. 

Upgrading the old version to Windows 10 can also often cause this error. Now, if you really want to troubleshoot this issue then you need proficient methods. Here, we have listed 5 recommendable procedures to eradicate this problem.

What Causes The Error APC Index Mismatch Windows 10? 

You may get the error APC index mismatch on your Windows 10 owning to various reasons. Here are some of the root reasons, discussed below that may lead to this error. 

  • If the program files get corrupted due to malware infections then you may get the error. 
  • Improper configuration of the device driver or if it is corrupted then it may cause APC index mismatch Windows 10. 
  • If you uninstall and reinstall the games and other system apps frequently then it may generate this error. 
  • Installing new hardware often causes conflict in the device driver and generates this error. 
  • Damages in system files after installing the operating system software may often cause the APC index mismatch error. 

5 Methods to Fix the APC Index Mismatch Windows 10

Now, coming to the solution you will get the complete guide to fix that error here. So, follow the steps that are discussed below to resolve the issue at the earliest. 

Update and Install the Latest Version 

Update and Install the Latest Version

You can fix the APC index mismatch Windows 10 error by simply installing the latest updates. You may follow the below guidelines to do the task. 

  • At first, bring the Settings menu by pressing the Windows + I key together from the keyboard. 
  • Then, choose the “Update & Security” option from the Windows Settings Interface.    
  • Now, select the option “Check for Updates” for checking if there are any updates available or not. Then, Windows will download the updates automatically. 

Then, you can restart the computer to check if you were able to resolve the APC index mismatch error or not. 

Updating the Drivers 

Updating the Drivers

Sometimes, you may get the error APC index mismatch when you install a new device on your computer. Because the newly installed driver may cause the error if it is not compatible with your device. 

So, make sure you are using the latest driver, otherwise, you need to update it following these steps.

  • So, to update the drivers, first, you need to press the Windows + X key together for starting the Device Manager.  Then, you will get a list on the screen, select the Device Manager from it.
  • Now, search the currently installed device when the Device Manager starts. Then, if you find any unknown device or a device marked with a yellow triangle then just right-click on them to update. 
  • Therefore, select the option Update Driver and wait for some time until the process is done. 

If you want to run your Windows 10 computer without any interruption and error then you need to update all the drivers. This can help you run your device smoothly and effectively.   

Disabling the Realtek HD Audio Manager 

Disabling the Realtek HD Audio Manager

You may also get the error APC index mismatch Windows 10 because of certain installed applications on your device. So, you can disable the Realtek HD audio manager to remove the error. 

Hence, follow these steps to do the task. 

  • First, run the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key together. Then, go to the Startup tab to get all the list of Startup apps. 
  • Now, find the Realtek HD Audio Manager and just right-click on it. Hence, select the Disable option from it. 
  • But if you do not find that application from that list then disable the other applications (that start with Windows) from there.     
  • Finally, exit from the Task Manager and then reboot your PC. Now, you can check if the APC index mismatch error is resolved or not. 

Uninstalling the Display Link Driver 

Uninstalling the Display Link Driver 

If you want to make your device error-free then you can uninstall the display link driver. Uninstalling the driver often works to fix the APC index mismatch Windows 10 error. Take a glance at the steps to uninstall the driver. 

  • At first, press the Windows + R key together to get the Run box and type the command “appwiz.cpl” there. Then, tap the Enter button to get the “Programs and Features” menu.
  • Now, search and right-click on the DisplayLink Core software from the application list. Select the Uninstall option and go through the instructions given on the screen for removing the software. 
  • Now, you can restart your computer after removing the Display link driver and then check if the error is fixed or not.   

Using the System File Checker 

Using the System File Checker 

If the above methods do not work, you can also use the System File Checker or SFC to remove the error. You can check the system files using the SFC and then fix the APC index mismatch error. 

Hence, follow the below steps to do the task: 

  • First of all, tap the Windows button from the keyboard. 
  • Then, right-click on the Command Prompt and choose the option “Run as Administrator”.  
  • Now, you will get a black window on the screen and hence, type the command “sfc/scannow”. 
  • Run the command by pressing the Enter button and wait for some time until the process gets finished. 

Finally, you can restart your computer and then check if the APC index mismatch error is resolved or not. 

Hopefully, the APC index mismatch error will get eradicated and you can run the device smoothly. You can now fix the blue screen issue of your device and remove the error from your device. These steps will also ensure that the Windows 10 version is more secure and effective than before. 


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