[Solved] Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting: Ensure a Stable Connection

bluetooth keeps disconnecting

Sometimes, you need to transfer data without a wire to another computer, and the Bluetooth feature comes in very handy in such cases. It is a simpler way to connect your PC to another one. You can transfer any type of file that you need to with it. Usually, it performs that task well and without any issues. But, it seems a lot of users face issues like Bluetooth keeps disconnecting in maintaining a stable connection.

If Bluetooth keeps disconnecting, you won’t be able to complete the transfer. Now, this would of course cause a lot of inconvenience to you. But luckily, you can solve it quite easily. Wondering how to do that? Keep reading to know some simple yet effective ways to fix your Bluetooth connection problem.

Why Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting and How to Solve It?

There could be many reasons why your device gets disconnected from the Bluetooth connection repeatedly. In most cases, you can simply fix that yourself without professional help. It’s not as complicated as you might think. By applying the right fix, it would take just a jiffy and you would get through the issue.  

  • Issues with the System

The system installed in your device consists of numerous components. Any of them could be at fault for causing a problem. So, you need to look for the error and then solve the issue.


In some cases, the issue is caused by a simple error while using Bluetooth. Now, restarting the system is a commonly suggested fix for even the most complicated issues. In many cases, this method does work, so you might want to try it first.  But, you can’t be sure how long the solution will last if you face one.


Bluetooth is a part of the system software after all. So, you need to look for any issues associated with it. The system already has a troubleshooter in-built for that purpose. They help your device to detect faults in its various components, hardware and software. Run it and check the Bluetooth and find the errors in it. If any issue is detected, the troubleshooter will proceed with fixing it. In some cases, where it can’t solve the problem, it’ll tell you what to do next.

  • Proximity

Were the devices close enough to each other during the sharing? You need to ensure that they are within the range where the connection can remain stable. The connection might get broken repeatedly because you kept the devices further away than they should be. In that case, position them a little closer.
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  • Volume of Data Transferred

Are you using the connection to share a considerably large amount of data? In such cases, it might often get disconnected midway through the process. How do you solve this? It’s simple, limit the volume of data you’re transferring. Unless you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to share them all at one go. That way you might not face the issue again.

  • Interference from WiFi

If you’re using WiFi near your device, that could cause the Bluetooth to get disconnected. This happens because both types of connections use the same frequency. So, how do you solve the issue in such a case? It’s simple, move away from the Wi-Fi. If that’s not possible, consider turning it off until you finish the Bluetooth sharing.

  • Low Battery Life

Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and you can’t find other explanations, check your device power. Is it low? That can indirectly cause the connection problem in your case. As you may or may not know, Bluetooth can take up a significant amount of power.

So, you can choose the option to switch it off automatically when running the power-saver mode.

So, you might want to check whether this is indeed causing the problem. Navigate to the properties of the Bluetooth in your Device Manager. Among various tabs, go through and click on Power Management. There you’ll find the option to disable the device to save power. Uncheck the option, if you find it checked. This can effectively solve the issue for the long term.

  • Driver Issues

The driver software is a crucial component for the system to control the Bluetooth module. If it is missing from your device or facing any issue, that will cause adverse problems. That includes the Bluetooth getting disconnected suddenly and frequently. So, you can see this issue as one of the signs indicating a problem with the driver. Also, this is quite a common cause for this issue.

Installation Error

Have you installed a new Bluetooth driver recently? That could have something to do with the connection issue. Ideally, the installation should go smoothly, but that doesn’t always happen. In some cases, there is an error in the process due to various causes, that includes interference from other processes.

As a result, some of the data might have got corrupted. How do you fix this issue? Regardless of the cause, there’s only one solution – reinstalling it. Remove the current program and install it all over again.

Outdated Version

Using an old Bluetooth driver for a long time? The problems you’re facing with the connection could mean it’s time to get a new version. You can find the latest one from the manufacturer’s website and install it. Also, you can bring up the update option by right-clicking the driver in the Device Manager.

Want to make it a little more convenient for yourself? After all, there are so many drivers on your device. You might not want to update each one of them manually. In that case, you can use one of those tools that perform this task automatically.

  • Error in Bluetooth Service

Various services work in the background of your device to enable certain processes. Any error with these can in turn cause issues in the task you’re trying to perform. So, if Bluetooth keeps disconnecting frequently, you need to give attention to the Bluetooth services.

Navigate to the Services page on your device. You’ll find a long list of them in there. You can see whether they’re running or not. Do you see the Bluetooth service working? If yes, then you need to stop it for a while and then start it back. Starting it afresh would remove any error that it was facing earlier.

  • Error in the Connection

Have you connected a speaker or a headphone using Bluetooth? It is surely a convenient way to connect them to your device. However, it has its shortcomings after all and one of them is the connection getting disrupted and coming back randomly. Moreover, you might often fail to find an explanation behind it.

Since the devices connected initially, there’s no doubt about their compatibility. So, the fault might be with the connection. How do you fix that? Simply disconnect the devices and connect them again. If this doesn’t work on the first attempt, you must try it a few more times. After all, it has proved to be a viable solution in many cases.


If Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from your device, it might have one of the causes mentioned here. In that case, you can try the simple solutions available. Hopefully, that will provide you with an effective solution. In case it doesn’t, it’s time to finally get professional help.


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