Ways To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1403

Canon printer error code 1403 is one of the common issues which displays on the screen due to a problem with the printhead or cartridge of the printer. If it occurs then your printing job will be delayed until you fix the matter. Here, from this article, you can gather complete knowledge by which you can solve the error 1403 efficiently.

What Causes Canon Printer Error Code 1403?

According to the experts, the Canon printer error 1403 occurs due to the following reasons.

    • Misplaced printhead: If due to jerking of the printer, the printhead gets disturbed from its position, then this can be the reason for the error 1403. This kind of issue arises, mainly if you relocate the printer device.
    • Defect in the ink cartridge(s) of the printer: Ink cartridge is an important part of the printer without which the printing job will not be accomplished. If it gets defected, then this will pop up the error code 1403.
  • Improper location of the ink cartridges: If mistakenly, you have altered the ink cartridge from the appropriate slots, then this can result in an error, which will display on the printer control panel as the error message with the code 1403.
  • Lack of maintenance: A printer device always needs to run at least twice a week, to keep it functional. If this period is not maintained then this can get the ink dry into the printhead nozzle and results in such errors.

Also, a lack of cleaning of the printer will be responsible for the error 1403.

Below, you will get the effective ways by which you can solve the Canon printer error code 1403.

Solve Canon Printer Error Code 1403 with Expert Guidance

Searching for the methods to fix the Canon printer error 1403? Then, you can take a sigh of relief as you are in the correct place.
After going through the procedures given below, you will be able to fix the problem.

Stage 1:

First of all, press the Power button on the printer to turn it active. Next, open the lid of the printer. After that, you can see that the printhead continuously moving from right to left and vice versa but may not be complete, which is one of the indications of the error code 1403 in Epson printers. And this generally occurs if there is a problem with the printhead Installation or if it gets a slight displacement from its original place due to a jerk that occurs while relocating the printer. If this is the case, then only by reinstalling the printhead properly, the problem will get resolved.

Uninstall Printhead

The steps to uninstall a printhead are very simple. Firstly, you need to take out all the cartridges from the printhead, after you open the lid of the printer and disconnect it from the power source. Disconnecting the printer from the power source is very important before you take out the cartridges to keep yourself protected from any electrical injury.

Once you uninstall the cartridges, now, you can take out the printhead from the device that is after detaching the cord which connects it to the printer’s body. Do it carefully, so that no other parts of the printer get affected. Remember, not to touch the sensible parts of both the printhead or the cartridges, that is the electric conducting parts. Once you remove the printhead, clean all of the printer parts which you can access now, with the help of a cotton swab, after dipping it into an alcohol solution. After a thorough cleaning of the printer parts, wait until each part gets dry. It will hardly take a few minutes.

Reinstall Printhead

Now, reinstall the printhead as well as the cartridges to it in a proper manner. Also, cross-check that you have installed the cartridges to their exact locations. After that, close the lid of the printer and then reconnect it to the power source. Further, proceed to a printing process and check if the issue gets resolved.

Stage 2:

If after following the above process,  you still get the Canon printer error code 1403 then proceed to these steps, after which you may get the error fixed.

The error may show if you do not place the cartridges in its appropriate slots in the printhead. Fake ink cartridges can also result in this error code. So, make sure to use genuine Canon printer cartridges.

To verify the location of the cartridge, again you need to open the printer lid at first, and that is not before turning on the printer device. After that, plug out the cable from the rear of the printer, to disconnect it from the power source, when the printhead comes in such a location from where you can access it. Next, uninstall the cartridges one by one from their slots. After that, check the colors beneath each slot and put the cartridges accordingly. Next, close the printer lid and reconnect the cable to engage the power source. Then, retry a printing job, so that you can check if the error gets solved.

Stage 3:

If after applying both the above methods, you see that the error persists then it indicates that you need to change the printhead part entirely along with the cartridges. After doing which you will get the error solved.

During the installation of the new parts, again, you need to be careful about the procedures. You will get the procedure with the manual. Follow it carefully, so that, no extra haemorrhage can occur.

All these above are the stages, after following each of them, you can fix the Canon printer error code 1403 efficiently.

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