Ways To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Canon Printer error is one of the most annoying issues that hamper the entire scanning device very badly. Moreover, the device fails to print or scan a copy due to internal as well as Canon printer physical issues. So, it is quite obvious to come across the Canon Printer Error Code 5100 while you are trying the scan any documents.

Furthermore, it creates a problem with scanning multiple copies with its multi-functional units. Besides this, it fails to generate the output and the Canon printer stops to respond after a certain time. However, we are going to talk about the effective solutions in this content that will overcome this annoying issue permanently.

Significant Issues Behind the Canon Printer Error:

Some of the common issues become the critical factors that create the Canon Printer error very often. Let’s know the major and possible reasons that are responsible for this annoying issue effectively.

  • If the debris, packing materials are found inside the panel of the Canon printer, then it appears as the Printer Error Code 5100.
  • If the ink tank is not seated properly, then you can face the Canon printer scanning issue very often.
  • Paper jam issue and presence of tiny metal objects inside the ink cartridges cause the 5100 error.
  • Presence of clogs inside the scanner encoder film is another problem that prevents to scan the documents.

Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5100 With Easy Technical Troubleshooting Steps

There are lots of technical ways that you can include to fix the Canon Printer Error Code 5100 effectively. Moreover, it helps to enhance printer performance and keeps your scanner powerful for a long period. Here, we are going to discuss some of the effective solutions that will help to get rid of any Canon printer issue quickly.

Method 1: Remove Printer Clogs

It is one of the very initial processes to overcome the annoying issue. By removing the clogs, you can fix the printer scanning issue quickly.

  1. Disconnect all the cables and wires connected to the printer and turn off the printer.
  2. Now, wait for a couple of minutes and inspect the inside of the printer. Check whether the debris, dirt or any metal objects, etc present in the input tray or not. If any clogs found inside the Canon printer, then clean it with non-corrosive solutions and let it dry.
  3. After completing the printer clean process, turn on the Canon printer and try to take the printout to check whether the scanning issue got resolved or not.

Method 2: Fix Paper Jam Issue

You must remove the paper jam issue by pulling out the torn papers and debris from the input tray.

  1. Turn off the Canon printer by unplugging the device wires and cables from the power outlet.
  2. After that, remove the cover from the printer input tray and ink cartridges. Now, verify whether any paper is stuck inside the output tray or not. Moreover, inspect the output tray whether the torn paper is present inside it.
  3. Besides this, check whether the paper alignment is correctly set or not. Furthermore, make sure that the paper size is set correctly and the A4 size papers are inserted into the input tray perfectly.
  4. Finally, close the cover and verify whether the paper jam issue got fixed or not as well as the Canon Error Code 5100 still persists or not.

Method 3: Clean the Timing Strip

  1. First, clean the timing strip with the damp cotton balls and wipe up it with the dry cloth.
  2. Now, check the drive belt and its bottom section whether any clogs and metal tiny objects are found on the black strips, clean it immediately.
  3. Similarly, clean the thin plastic strip running across the wide front area of the printer. Finally, turn the Canon printer on and fix the printer error effectively.

Method 4: Lubricate the Printer Head

  1. Make sure that the printer is turned off properly. Now, apply the purge mechanism and lubricate the printer head. You must use the white grease and clean the sliders properly.
  2. Next, remove the right panel of the printer and make the tray lubricated enough by applying the purge technology.
  3. Finally, start to scan and verify whether the Canon printer issue got fixed or not.

Method 5: Reset the Ink Absorber

  1. Turn off the Canon printer and wait for 2-3 minutes until the power light is turned off.
  2. After a couple of minutes, press and hold the Resume button from the printer display (triangle symbol inside a circle). At the same time, hold the power button and wait until the green light is shown on the display.
  3. Now, release the Resume button and press it twice by holding the Power button together. The light will be amber and then it turns into the green again.
  4. Release the power button and now press the Resume button at least four times.
  5. Next, reset the Counter Absorber and after confirming the selection action, press the Power button again.
  6. Then, switch off the Canon printer and turn it on again successfully.
  7. Finally, try to take a printout and observe still you are receiving the Canon Printer Error Code 5100 or not.

Method 6: Reset the Ink Cartridges

  1. First, turn off the Canon printer and disconnect the device from the power outlet.
  2. After waiting a few minutes, you might plug it again and press the ON/OFF Power button from the Printer display.
  3. Hold down the ON/OFF button and hit the Stop/Reset button for two times. Release the power button and perform the factory reset program by holding down the Reset key continuously.
  4. Hit the right-arrow button until Shipping mode 3 is shown on the LCD display. Select it by pressing the OK  button.
  5. After that, you can see the message that says, “Without Cleaning” and hit the Stop/Reset button immediately after seeing it. This step helps to scan a test page.
  6. Then, lift up the printer cover and move the cartridge to the left. Unplug the Canon scanner from the power socket and wait for another 1-3 minutes.
  7. Pull out both the ink cartridges and close the cover properly. Now, clean the ink tanks properly with chemical solutions that never reacts within the printed materials
  8. Next, plug the power cable of the printer again and press the ON/OFF button.
  9. Then, wait until the message “Replace Cartridges” pops-up on the display and place the ink cartridges back inside the proper position.
  10. Finally, check whether the Canon printer can recognize the printer or not and try to take a hard copy after verifying it. This method will fix the Canon printer issue and keep your scanner active for a  long time.

The Bottom Line

In the above article, we have discussed the steps to overcome the Canon Printer Error Code 5100 effectively. Moreover, we have defined the major possible issues behind this annoying problem. Besides this, we have tried to inform you about the symptoms that indicate the Canon printer issue at the very initial stage. So, we hope this content will help you a lot to avoid this critical printer problem very quickly without any technical error.

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