How To Fix Canon Printer Error u052?

There might be instances when you are working in your Canon printer and it presents you with the error message that says “The types of the print head are incorrect.

” As a result of which, the Canon printer error code u052 appear on your Canon printer screen. This error code generally appears when the printhead is not installed properly. Sometimes the error code also appears because of the inappropriate cartridges installed on the printer. Moreover, you can find the second scenario related to the error code u052. However, the second scenario is that you have installed the print head in the printer but it is not working correctly.

If you are frustrated with this error code, then this article will help you to resolve the issue.

Here, in this article, we will cover both the scenarios and show you the step-by-step procedures to get rid of this situation. Hence, keep reading this article.

Effective Procedures to Fix Canon Printer Error Code u052:

If you are annoyed with the Canon printer error code u052 and want an effective solution in order to fix it, then go through this article thoroughly. Here, we are going to provide some reliable solutions which help you to fix the issue in no time.

Getting Error Code u052 with the Print Head Installed

These steps are more applicable when the printhead is installed on the printer. Hence, follow the steps.

  • To access the printer’s cartridges, first, you need to open the lid of the printer. After that, expand the print head. After opening the top lid of the printer, the ink cartridges will lift up automatically to the middle of the printer.
  • Meanwhile, disconnect the printer from the power source. You need to ensure that the cartridges lever must be located on the side of the cartridges cradle is lifted up. Because in this position, the cartridge slot will not move automatically.
  • After that, gently remove the cartridges from the ink cartridges slot. Doing this, it exposes the black print head. Next, take out the print head as well.
  • Thereafter, clean the printer softly with a soft cotton swab. Now, reinsert the print head in its own position and ink cartridges as well. You need to ensure that there are no open doors. Also, the lever is positioned properly in its own place.
  • Next, connect all the plug and switch on the printer. Power on the printer and take a print to check whether the Canon printer error code u052 still appears or not.

Getting Error Code u052 without Installing the Printhead

If you do not install the print head and still getting the error code, then at first, you need to switch off the printer. After that, open the printer lid. You will find there are no ink cartridges or printhead is present in the printer.
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Then you will find the position of the cartridge slot will present in the middle of the printer naturally when you lift up the lever.

Now, you need to install the printhead just beside the cartridge slot. After that, install the cartridges and close the lever. Make sure that the print head is installed properly.

Lastly, close the top lid of the printer and switch on the printer. Try to take a printer and check whether it is working properly or not. This is the process on how to fix Canon printer error code u052.

Concluding Note

So, after applying all the mentioned steps, you can surely fix the Canon printer error code u052 issue without any difficulties. Moreover, we have given some of the effective methods to troubleshoot the issue. Hope, this article proves beneficial for you. If there is any confusion while performing the steps, you can simply post them in the comment section below.

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