How to Fix Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 10

Until now, you might have only heard about the blue screen of death, but now it is right on your screen, which is why you’re here. You probably know of the seriousness of such issues. However, what you do not know is that you don’t always need an expert to fix it. A lot of Windows 10 users like yourself have successfully resolved the critical structure corruption Windows 10 problem.

So, how can you find a solution to this error? Fortunately, you have plenty of ways to achieve that. So, read on if you need some viable solutions for the issue.

Why do you see Critical Structure Corruption Page Windows 10 and How to fix it?

Like other problems, there is more than one possible cause for critical structure corruption in Windows 10. So, it’s going to need some effort to find the culprit in your case. The next steps thereafter would be considerably easier. All you need to do is apply the appropriate solution depending on your problem.

  • Hardware or Software Changes

Since the hardware parts are not free from damages or issues, they might naturally need a replacement sometimes. The same stands true for the software components. Installed new hardware or software on your device lately? That might have something to do with the critical structure corruption Windows 10 error on your screen.

Big changes can often cause various kinds of errors while operating your device. Therefore, you need to consider this possibility while looking for a solution. If you suspect a certain component for causing this issue, you can try rolling it back. 

If the root cause is the software, then you need not make any unnecessary delay. After all, it won’t be a wise decision to wait and let the issue grow bigger. So, get rid of it right now, if possible. This can often provide a long-lasting solution to the issue.

  • USB Devices

The corruption doesn’t necessarily lie in your device, it might be lying in an external component. As a result, your device gets affected when you plug them into it. During the everyday use of your PC, you might frequently need to connect USB devices to it. This could be pen drives, SSDs, or even printers and cameras.

In many cases, these devices are affected by some corrupted files, which in turn cause problems in your computer when connected to it. You need to disconnect all of them at once and see if the issue is solved. Also, don’t forget to check other devices, separately, for corrupt files.
After all, you need to deal with them as well.

In case you’re wondering, let us clear the fact that you don’t have to disconnect your keyboard and mouse. Even though it’s up to you to decide, you can consider them as being safe. So, what if there are no other USB devices connected other than these two? The critical structure corruption Windows 10 problem must lie somewhere else in that case. Continue reading to detect the root cause.

  • Unstable Apps

You probably have a dozen or more applications installed on your device. Also, most of them are probably from third-party manufacturers. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but it could sometimes cause issues in your device. In some cases, such applications are even capable of causing blue screen errors. Even if they work perfectly with other devices, they can be unstable in yours.

There could be various reasons behind that. Regardless, your main focus would be on fixing the problem. So, you must get rid of any unstable apps without any delay. Hopefully, this will be effective in the long term. If it isn’t, then you’re not done with the issue.

Simple Solution for Detecting the Issue

Finding the application at fault can be a complicated and time-consuming task. You might want to find a quicker alternative. After all, it’s understandable if you want your device to get back to proper working condition. The easiest and fastest way to do that is by activating safe mode. When you run your device in this setting, it will allow only the necessary programs.

  • Problems with the Graphics Driver

The system needs the right driver software for proper utilization of the hardware component’s capabilities. That makes the driver a crucial component of your device. So, if it faces any issue, it’s going to translate into a bigger problem for your computer. You also need to note that it can cause a blue screen error. Moreover, the critical structure corruption in Windows 10 is caused by driver issues in a lot of cases.

There are many files in your driver software, and one or more of them might have got corrupted. In that case, you can simply reinstall it to solve the issue. Are you using an outdated version? If yes, then updating it would be more viable than reinstalling.
That can prevent further driver issues in your device for a long time.

  • Hardware Faults

New hardware components are not necessarily the culprits behind all problems, sometimes, the older ones can be at fault as well. Therefore, you might want to give them some attention as well.

Now you may not be a technician, but you don’t need to be one to solve this issue. After all, you can find the hardware issues without opening it as well. If you’re wondering how then it’s very simple. All the latest systems software usually features a diagnostic tool that lets you find the issue with various parts. You can find this tool pre-installed in the system. Use it to scan your device and detect every fault associated with various components.


The device’s memory is one of the most important parts where you need to look for issues. You would want to know as soon as possible if it’s affected. After all, the more you cause the delay, the more damage would keep spreading. As a result, you would eventually have to replace the RAM. 

Fortunately, you can prevent that easily with the Memory Diagnostic Tool. Choose the option to scan instantly and wait while it proceeds. This will take some time, but you’ll be able to detect any issues with the memory by the end of the process. That would undoubtedly get you one step closer to solving the issue.


You probably have many important files in your device storage. If there are any issues with it, you are at risk of losing them. How do you know when there’s a problem with this component? It‘s simple, you need to look out for indications. If the system shows you a blue screen error, it’s time to give some attention to the hard drive. Wondering how to do that? The CHKDSK Tool lets you find out any issues in your hard disk within a fairly short time.

Navigate to your hard drives and open the Properties of the files that you want to scan. You can find the checking option under the Tools tab. Moreover, you can also set it to fix the problem after finding it. That would save you a considerable amount of time.

Are you unable to use this tool for some reason? In that case, you need not necessarily depend on it. There are other viable alternatives from various third-party manufacturers that are equally effective.

Power Supply

The kind of problem that you’re facing can also be caused by issues in the power supply components. So, you must check them as well for any issues. You need to give attention to the cables and make sure they’re connected properly.

  • Corrupted Files

Damaged data is one of the most common causes of critical structure corruption Windows 10. Now, there are hundreds of files in your system. You need to find out which of them have been affected. This would be quite complicated and time-consuming, but not for the System File Checker. You can conduct a scan of the Entire system by commanding this tool in the prompt.


The methods given here are simple, yet effective in solving the critical structure error of Windows 10. Not all of them would give you viable results. But, you would be able to fix the problem if you give all of them a try.

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