[Fixed] Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target

Are you getting stuck while initiating the download mode on your device? You might also get unexpected error notification on the screen all of a sudden. It is one of the most annoying errors that Samsung and Nexus device users often encounter. 

Some affected users have been reporting that their Android device rebooted automatically and displays Downloading Do not turn off target” error notification. This situation mainly appears when users access their device in the download mode mistakenly.

If you are also encountering this error, then follow the instructions underneath and get it resolved by yourself.

Android Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target: Simple Fixes

Here are the reliable fixes that you can try to resolve the downloading error on Android. Make sure you implement the methods in the same order as we have instructed below.

Solution 1: Execute a Clean Restart

Execute a Clean Restart

Before you move towards any critical solution, we suggest you execute a clean restart that might give you the best possible result. A majority of users claim that after they execute the clean restart, they find that the downloading error has been removed from their Android device. 

In order to proceed with this solution, follow the instructions mentioned in the below section.

Step 1: Initially, press the Power button unless your device turns off. After pressing the button if your device does not respond, then try to remove the battery. 

In case of non-removable batteries, hit the “Power” button and keep pressing it for a few seconds to force reboot the device. On the other hand, you can also press the Power button along with the Volume Down button. It will execute a “Simulated battery disconnect” operation.

Step 2: Thereafter, remove the SIM and SD card from the device if you have it. With the battery removed, press the “Power” button for a while. This will release the remaining electricity from the capacitors in the device. 

Once done, power up your device and verify whether the Downloading Do not turn off target error has been removed or not.

Solution 2:  Exit the Download Mode (Samsung Only)

If you have accessed the download mode unknowingly, then resolving the Android error can be a bit difficult for you. 

On such occasions, we suggest you exit the download mode unless your Android has a more serious error. Keep in mind this solution is only applicable for the Samsung device users. So, if you are a Samsung user, then you can follow these instructions to exit the Download Mode by following the underlying instructions.

  • Be sure that “Downloading Do not turn off target” error notification still showing up on your device.
  • Press the combination of the Home + Power + Volume Down button simultaneously.
  • Keep holding the combination keys unless the display screen goes black, then release them.
  • Thereafter, if your Android device does not restart automatically, press the “Power” button to turn it on.

After your device boots up, you can check if the downloading error has been removed from the device. If the error notification still shows up, then don’t worry, go toward the next solution.

Solution 3: Try to Remove Wipe the Cache partition

Try to Remove Wipe the Cache partition

It is possible that your Android device is having certain firmware glitch that results in the error message. Such instances are pretty complicated to tackle, as the causative factor might be anything from an incorrect OTA update to a corrupted re-flash.

So, if you encounter this error after reflashing your stock ROM or your device gets an OS update, then removing the wipe cache partition may overcome the potential interference. Here’s the instruction that you should perform.

  • Turn off your device and press the Volume Up key along with the Home and Power button at the same time.
  • Once your Android device vibrates, you will find the “Android System Recovery” screen.
  • Now, release the combination keys and scroll downwards to highlight “wipe cache partition” using the Volume Down key.
  • Hold the Power button to select it and confirm the process by pressing the tab again.
  • Once your device reboots, utilize the Volume key to choose the “Reboot system now” option from the appeared menu.

Lastly, hit the Power button in order to restart the device.

Solution 4: Execute the Master Reset

Execute the Master Reset

When all the above three solutions fail to give you a satisfactory result, then executing the Master Reset can be the last resort for you. 

A master reset will erase all the data like images, videos contacts, applications, etc. that are installed on your Android device. To prevent such situations, it is recommended you to boot your device in Safe Mode and make a backup of your important data and files.

Instructions to Make a Backup in Safe Mode:


When you boot up your Android in Safe Mode, it will tell you if your device is still capable of booting up. If Safe Mode efficiently works, then you can easily deal with the software/firmware conflict issue. These are the instructions that you need to execute in order to make a backup in Safe Mode.

  • Enure that you have turned off your Android device. Then press the Power button unless the initial screen comes up. 
  • Release the Power button and press the Volume Down key. Keep pressing the Volume Down icon unless your Android device boots up.
  • Once the “Safe Mode” icon comes in the bottom corner of the screen, release the Volume Down key.
  • After your device is booted up in Safe Mode, navigate to the “Settings” and open the “Advanced Settings”.
  • From the appeared menu, choose “Backup & reset” option as well as the “Back up my data”.

Further, you can confirm the backup process by clicking on the “OK” button twice.

Instructions to Perform the Master Reset:

After you back up your important data and files, reboot your device. Afterward, follow the underlying instructions in order to accomplish the Master Reset.

  • Press the combination of the Volume Up key + Home + Power button.
  • After your device vibrates, release the Power button but keep pressing the Home key along with the Volume Up tab.
  • Once the “Android Recovery” menu appears on the screen, release the combination keys.
  • Move downwards and highlight “wipe data/factory reset” by utilizing the Volume Down key.
  • From the appeared menu, choose the “wipe data/factory reset” by pressing the Power button.
  • Next, utilize the Volume Down key to hit the “Yes- delete all user data”. Once the process gets over, press the “Power” button to reboot your device.

We hope, following the above solutions you have resolved all the downloading problems on your Android device.

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