6 Methods to Fix: This Driver can’t Release to Failure on your PC

this driver can't release to failure

Recently, the users of the Gigabyte motherboard are witnessing the “this driver can’t release to failure” error message. This is indeed a problematic situation as the error message doesn’t clearly say which driver is not released by the OS.

As per the user’s reports, when they are trying to open a Gigabyte application on their computer, the message pops up.


There are few probable reasons behind the issue — a faulty cloud station server, improper Wi-Fi settings, and others. As the error restricts you to access the Gigabytes motherboard applications, you need to rectify the error with the help of few effective troubleshooting steps, mentioned below: 

  1. Valid Changes in the App Center

    All the Gigabyte motherboards have their own built-in application. So, you first need to find out the shortcut. Furthermore, if there are no shortcuts present on the desktop, access the system tray to find the application thumbnail. 

    The virtual Gigabyte Cloud Station is present in the application. Select Always run on the next reboot and close the application. As you have set the instructions in the application regarding the cloud station, the other dedicated applications of the motherboard will start functioning without any further glitch. 

  2. Resolving the corrupted App Center

    If the Gigabyte application won’t open properly, the application must be corrupted for some obvious reasons. The solution to this problem is quite easy – Remove or delete the application from your system, and reboot the computer. After a while, install the Gigabyte Application Center once again. This might help you to eliminate the “this driver can’t release to failure” message, permanently. 

  3. GigaByte Services back to Normal

    The Command Prompt can help you to get back the Gigabyte services to the normal mode. Of course, the first step will be to remove the Gigabyte services from the system. Write down “sc delete gdrv”. After that, you need to renew the services. Furthermore, get along with these commands: 

    sc create gdvr binPath=

    “C:\Windows\gdvr.sys” type-”kernel” DisplayName= “gdvr”

    As usual, you need to save the changes by restarting the computer. Hopefully, you will not witness the “this driver can’t release to failure” error again. 

  4. The latest version of Motherboard Drivers

    Visit the Gigabyte official website and find the latest drivers. Depending on what OS or the bit version you are using you have to download the drivers. In addition to that, the driver installation process must be successful as they will support your motherboard to function properly. 

  5. Prevent the Invasion of Malware

    Most of the tech experts suggest people access those websites that are trusted. While working, it’s not possible to observe which website is safe and which is not all the time. Thus, malware can enter your system and affect the core files. To remove them, you need anti-malware.
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    Scan your entire system with an anti-malware tool and remove all the threats. 

  6. Redefine the .Net 4.5 Framework

    Microsoft .Net framework might get outdated which can result in “this driver can’t release to failure” error. To resolve the issue, you need to overwrite the previous files with a new one. In the first place, the .Net Framework 4.5 installation packages are available at the Microsoft support website. You just have to download the necessary packages. After that, extract and install them, respectively. 


Every computer motherboard has its dedicated graphic memory, which supports a few low-resolution games. If you are interested in playing games of high resolution, then an additional graphics card is required. But, if you fail to do so then the “this driver can’t release to failure” issue might take place. 

Furthermore, always keep the drivers up-to-date. And, if none of the above solutions works for you, you need to book an appointment with the professionals. They can resolve this error with no downtime.

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