Fix “Entry Point Not Found” Glitch With 4 Easy Hacks

The “error entry point not found” message can come up if there are some internal malfunctions within the Avast security software. Usually, this problem can pop up right after the application gets its first update. When this error shows up occurs, then the Windows will provide a message box that says – “The procedure entry point,,, could not be located in the dynamic link library,,,”. Here, the first ‘,,,’ gives the name of the procedure entry point and the second one provides the DLL file. Some of the most common reasons are: if there are any corrupt or missing files within the installation directory of the ‘Avast Antivirus’, then you might get this error. Further, if the ‘Visual C++ Redistributable Packages’ is corrupted somehow, then also there is a possibility for you to encounter this issue.

What is an Entry Point within a Software?

When the control of the Windows Operating System process is given to a software program via a passage, then this passage within any software is called its entry point. In other words, when you launch an application say “Avast Antivirus”, then the entry point will be, as soon as, it loads fully.

Solutions to Resolve “Avast Entry Point not Found” Error

This section of the article, that will help you to eradicate the issue about entry point not found.

Execute the System File Checker Inbuilt Tool

You can get this issue if some system files get corrupt. Therefore the solution to correct this problem is to run the ‘SFC or System File Checker’ tool. The SFC is a built-in tool that comes with the Windows OS. Now, this tool basically scans the computer for any system files that are corrupt and replaces it with a good version. In order to do it, follow the steps below.

  • First, tap on the combination of ‘Windows + R’ keys simultaneously to open the ‘Run’ dialogue box.
  • Next, within that dialogue box, beside the label ‘Open:’ write the text “command prompt” on the field. Then, tap on the button ‘OK’.
  • This will launch a new window known as the ‘Command Prompt’ with the background in black colour and the texts in white.
  • Within that window, type the command which is as follows – “sfc /scannow”. After that, press the ‘Enter’ key to initiate the execution of it.
  • The above command basically starts to scan for any corrupt system files and if it gets any, then that will be replaced by a cached copy. This process may take several minutes to complete, so do not hinder the process.
  • Once the execution of this command is over, close the ‘Command Prompt’ window and reboot the system.
  • After the next boot up process is complete, check if this glitch comes back or not.

Perform a Clean Installation of Avast Antivirus Application

When some program files of the ‘Avast Antivirus’ application gets corrupt or is missing, due to any reason whatsoever, then you can meet with this problem. The feasible solution, to correct this problem is to do a clean installation of the software. For that to happen, follow the lines underneath.

  • First, launch a web browser and visit the official Avast website. There click on the button ‘Free Download For PC’ to initiate the download process of the latest version of Avast software.
  • After that, on the browser open up a new tab and type the following address on the URL bar – “ ” and hit the enter key to visit it. From the page that opens up, locate and choose the link ‘avastclear.exe’ to download the application ‘Avast Uninstall Utility’.
  • Now, restart the computer in ‘Safe Mode without Internet Connectivity’.
  • Next, locate the application ‘Avast Uninstall Utility’ and double-click on it to execute. Once it opens, then carefully choose the installation folder of the program. If you do not know the exact place of the Avast installation folder, then leave the field as it is.
  • Now, to delete the program and all its component fully from the computer, tap on the button ‘Uninstall’. When a prompt asks for confirmation, then click on the ‘Yes’ button to begin the uninstallation process.
  • When the uninstallation process is over, then go to the ‘Downloads’ directory and find the setup file of the current version of the Avast software.
  • Double-click on the setup file of the Avast application to execute it. This will launch the installer of the software, in it follow the on-screen instructions carefully and accordingly install it.
  • Finally, when the installation of the Avast application is complete, then reboot the system and check whether this problem reappears or not.

Repair the Avast Security Software

If the installation of Avast antivirus software is not done correctly, then you can encounter the avastui.exe entry point not found error. The effective solution to get rid of this problem is to repair the installation folder of the software. In order to that, follow these lines below.

  • First, go to the taskbar and then tap on the ‘Cortana’ logo. This will launch the search field of Windows. Within it, type the text “control panel”. Then, from the output of the search, choose the option ‘Control Panel’.
  • This opens up a new window, where you can change any settings of the computer. On this window, locate and choose the category ‘Programs’.
  • Next, a new page within this window comes up, here choose the option ‘Programs and Features’. Now, once again another page will show up and inside it, there is a list that consists of all the applications installed within the computer.
  • From that list, locate and select the application ‘Avast Antivirus’. After that, right-click on it and then, choose the option ‘Uninstall/Repair’ option.
  • As soon as you do this, the Uninstaller window of the ‘Avast Antivirus’ will come up. Now, inside this window, there are three options – ‘Update’, ‘Repair’, ‘Modify’ and one button ‘Uninstall’.
  • Now, out of those three options, choose the ‘Repair’. Next, a prompt with the confirmation message shows up, where press the ‘OK’ button to start the repair process.
  • Wait for the uninstaller to complete the repair procedure. Once it is over, then examine if this error shows up or not.

Visual C++ Redistributable Reinstallation Process

When the version of Visual C++ Redistributable tool is either obsolete or incompatible, then there is a high chance for you to encounter this error. So, the answer to this problem is to remove the tool and manually download and install it on the machine. Follow the steps below to perform it.

  • First, tap on both the keys ‘Windows + I’ altogether, in order to open the ‘Windows Settings’ window. This window contains various settings categories of the Windows OS, which you can alter.
  • Now, inside this window, navigate and then choose the category ‘Apps’. This will open a page within the window, that has a heading ‘Apps & features’.
  • This page contains a list which has all the applications installed within the computer.
  • From that list, find and choose the tool ‘Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable’. When the option expands, then tap on the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • Now, if a prompt comes up to confirm the uninstallation, then hit the ‘OK’ button to initiate the process of removal.
  • Repeat the fourth and fifth steps of this point for the other remaining ‘Visual C++ Redistributable’ versions.
  • Once the uninstallation process of all the tools is complete, then simply restart the machine.
  • After the computer starts once again, then launch the web browser and visit the official ‘Microsoft’ website. On that site, go to the search section and type ‘latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable’ and tap on the Enter button.
  • From the search result, choose the first link and then on the next page, select the option specific to the architecture of the computer and download the package.
  • After the download, find the setup file and double-click on it to execute. When the installer appears, then follow the on-screen information and install the same to resolve the error.

Final Verdict

If you follow every step within the previous section very minutely and carefully, then the glitch on “entry point not found” can easily be corrected. But, even after following all the points on the above section, if this problem cannot be solved, then, do not panic. Provide the details about the query which you have encountered on the comment section that is presented at the bottom of this page.

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