Eliminate Epson Scanner Error 9923 With Easy Stepwise Guidance

Epson scanner is considered as one of the best scanners in the market. Despite being the best, Epson scanner is not free from technical glitches. Epson scanner error 9923 is a common problem among the users. The problem mainly appears at the time when you forget to connect the USB port with your printer device. The main reason behind this error is the lack of power supply.

This error hampers your work during the scanning procedure. If you are dealing with this kind of situation, then this guide is for you. Through this guide, we are going to present the detailed solutions that can help you get rid of the error code 9923.
So, read the entire article to resolve the problem on your own.

Effective Ways to Fix Epson Scanner Error 9923

Here, in this part of the article, we are going to discuss the steps that can help you to fix Epson scanner error 9923. Go through the section which is described in the following part of the article.

Solution 1: Reset the Printer Settings

You can fix the problem with error code 9923 by resetting the printer settings. The steps as given below will help you to do so.

  1. At first, you need to disconnect the power cables from your printer while turning on the printer. Then, unplug it from the power source.
  2. After that, you need to detach the USB cable from the printer.
  3. Now, wait for a few minutes. After that, you will need to press and hold the Power button from your printer for a few seconds or more.
  4. Now, turn on your printer. After that, you will need to proceed to reset the printer.

The Procedure of Resetting the Printer to Default Settings

Here is the procedure to reset the printer to factory default settings. Go through the steps carefully and implement them as instructed to get rid of the error 9923 on your Epson printer.

  • At first, press and hold the Menu key or the Set key from the Control panel.
  • Thereafter, you will need to Press up or down navigation key. This will help you to select your printer device. Then, again press the Menu or Set button.
  • After that, press up or down navigation key to select Reset Printer, and then again press the Menu or Set button.
  • Now press 1 to select the Yes option.

Solution 2: Update the Printer Driver

You can resolve the error 9923 by updating the printer driver. The undermentioned steps will help you to do so.

  1. At first, you will need to confirm the model name of your printer.
    If the model name and number of your printer is not known to you, then go to the Devices and Printers panel and find that out.
  2. After that, visit the official website of Epson printer and write down the name and number of your printer in the search bar. Then, click on the “Go” button.
  3. Now, choose the version of your operating system.

    Then you will get the newest versions of the driver.

  4. Then, click on the driver for your Epson scanner which you’ll find under the ‘Driver’ option.
  5. Now, run the installer file and wait for the drivers to get updated.
  6. Finally, check if the issue is resolved.

Summing it Up

Here, we have tried to provide you with all the possible solutions that can help you to fix the Epson scanner error 9923. Hope, the solutions that we have mentioned in this article will help you to fix it. If you have any more question regarding this error, comment us down to the comment section.

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