Learn the Exact Procedures to Fix Error Code 0xc000000f in Windows 10

The boot error code 0xc000000f in Windows 10 usually occurs when Windows try to read the Boot configuration data. Basically, this error code tells that your computer needs to be repaired. Additionally, due to the corrupted boot configuration data is responsible for the error code. Moreover, some missing database files fail to start the Windows and as a result, the error code appears. In addition, improper installation or shutdown can also lead you   this situation. If you encounter the error code then do not get panicked. As there are several promising solutions to repair the error code hassle free. The main concern is that repair your computer and fix the Boot Configuration Data files.

Prime Reasons for Error Code 0xc000000f in Windows 10

Before you move on to the solutions section, first, you need to know the other possible causes behind the error code 0xc000000f in Windows 10. Also, it will be easier for you to resolve the issue if you are already aware of the reasons behind it. Hence, we will be listed some possible causes for the error code 0xc000000f. Have a glance.

  • You might face the issue due to malware attack.
  • If you have any pending Windows update, then the error code pop up.
  • If there is a problem in the Windows registry files, then you can face this error as well.
  • Due to some missing or outdated PC driver is responsible for this error code.

How to Fix Error Code 0xc000000f in Windows 10? Easy Hacks to Troubleshoot

If you frequently encounter the error code and do not how to fix error code 0xc000000f Windows 10, then this article is beneficial for you. Hence, follow the steps that are mentioned in the section below and apply them in a step by step manner in order to get rid of this situation.

Solution 1: Remove the System Junk Files

You PC store a lot of junk files when are using it. It might be possible that the error code appears due to the junk files. Hence, you need to delete the system junk files to solve the issue. To delete them, go through the steps.

  • At first, click the Start button and type Run in the search bar. After that, hit the Enter button.

  • In the Run box, type cleanmgr and press the Enter button. In this process, the PC will start scanning your device and display the system junk files.

  • Select the junk files and delete them. To confirm the action, press OK to continue. After that, check the status of the error code. Otherwise, move to the next procedure.

Solution 2: Remove Unnecessary Peripheral Device

Another solution in order to overcome the error is to remove the unnecessary external devices that are connected with your device. Hence, take out all the CD, DVD and USB cables from the ports and restart your device. If the error code still persists, then try some another method to fix the issue.

Solution 3: Check Hard Drive

To proceed further, you need to make sure that the hard drive is not creating the issue. Hence, run the chkdsk tool and check the hard drive. To do that, follow the steps that are mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

Firstly, insert the installation driver into your device and open the driver. From the driver, select Repair your computer option. Then you need to select the language using the keyboard.

Step 2

From the system recovery option, you need to launch the Command Prompt option and type chkdsk C: /f and press the Enter button.

Step 3

Execute the command and check whether any fault in the hard drive or not.

Solution 4: Install the Updated version of Windows

An outdated version of Windows driver is responsible for the error code 0xc000000f as well. On that note, try to install the updated version of Windows and fix the issue. To update the Windows, walk through the steps that are mentioned underneath.

  1. At first, press the Start button. In the search bar, type Windows Update and hit the Enter button.
  2. From the left panel of the window, select the Windows Update option and click OK to perform to check the Windows Update. If there is an update available for the Windows, it will automatically download the updated version and install it on your PC.

  1. After that, restart the system and with this, the error code surely fixed.

Solution 5: Rebuild the BCD

Rebuilding the BCD might solve the problem and remove the error message “Your PC needs to be repaired”. To do that, follow the section below.

  1. At first, open the Command Prompt option and type the command that is mentioned in the below and presses the Enter each time.

First command: Bootrec.exe \fixmbr

Second command: Bootrec.exe \fixboot

Third command: Bootrec \rebuildBcd

Fourth command: Bootrec /ScanOs

After doing this, you can surely fix the issue and your Windows device will properly.

Bottom Line

We hope that you would be back again in the working condition after applying the above-mentioned steps. The steps are simple, easy and hassle-free. Hence, try out them in order to fix error code 0xc000000f in Windows 10. If you like our article and want more technical articles, you can comment in the section below.