Fix the Error Code 0xc00d5212 On Windows 10

Sometimes while you are trying to play or run a video file with a file extension ‘.flv’ on the default applications like ‘Movies & TV’  and ‘Windows Media Player’, then you can get this error code 0xc00d5212. Basically, when the player launches and then attempts to load the AVI video file, then, this error can crop up. The full error message that you get when this error shows up is “Can’t play. This item was encoded in a format that’s not supported.”. There are many causes for this issue. Some of the common reasons are that if the video/graphics driver software is corrupt, then you can encounter this problem. Further, if the system has more than one audio driver or if it gets corrupt then, there is a chance for you to encounter this problem. Moreover, if the Windows OS, is not up to date, then also you can get this problem.

Methods to Resolve the Error Code 0xc00d5212

This is the section of the article that helps you to resolve the missing codec 0xc00d5212 error on Windows 10 Operating System.

A Process to Update the Windows 10 OS

When the Windows Operating System is obsolete, then you can face the error code 0xc00d5212. To fix this problem the easiest solution that you have is to update the Windows OS to its latest version. For that to happen, follow the steps below.

  • First, tap on the combination of ‘Windows + X’ keys simultaneously to open the Menu options. From that menu, choose the ‘Settings’ option. This will open a new window called ‘Windows Settings’.
  • Now, within this window, go to the bottom and then tap on the category ‘Update & Security’. After that, a new page within this window will pop up, there navigate to the left pane and choose the option ‘‘Windows Update’.
  • Next, on the right pane of this page, locate and choose the button ‘Check for updates. As soon as you hit this button, then the OS will initiate the search process to look for any updates.
  • If there are any updates available, then those will be presented on a list and automatically gets downloaded.
  • Once downloads of all the updates are over, then try to install them by just ‘Restarting’ the computer.
  • During the next boot process, the installation of all the updates will begin and when it is over, then the desktop will come up.
  • At last, after the update process of the Windows OS is complete, attempt to open an AVI video file and check if this error comes back or not.

Update Procedure for the Graphics/Video Driver Software

When the graphics/video driver software is obsolete or may have become corrupt somehow, then you can face this problem. The solution to solve this problem is to update the driver software of the video card. To do this, follow the steps beneath.

  • First, hit both the ‘Windows + R’ all together to open the ‘Run’ dialog box.
  • Within this dialog box, tap on the textbox present beside the label ‘Open:’. On this text, area, type the command “devmgmt.msc” and then, press on the ‘OK’ button. This opens a new window, that has a name ‘Device Manager’.
  • Now, on this window, you will get a list full of all the devices and their driver software. From that list, locate and then double-click on the category of device ‘Display adapters’. this will expand the category and reveal the driver of it.
  • On the expanded list, right-click on the driver software and then, from the popup menu choose the option ‘Update Driver Software’. This will open a new window, where there will be two options.
  • Out of the two options, choose the first one that says ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. At this moment, the OS will automatically start looking for any updates available for the video card. Now, if there are any updates, then that those will be automatically be updated.
  • Once the process of update gets over, then reboot the computer. After the next boot process check whether you are still getting this problem or not.

Removal Process of the Audio Driver

If the previous point is unable to resolve the problem code 0xc00d5212 then the only solution that you have is to uninstall the audio driver. Since sometimes if the computer has many more audio drivers than a single one then you can encounter this error. In order to that, follow the below steps.

  • First, tap on the ‘Cortana Logo’ in the taskbar. This will open a search area, where type the text “control panel” and then tap on the ‘Enter’ key. Now, from the search result, choose the option ‘Control Panel’. This will open a new window that has the same name as the option you chose on the last line.
  • On this window, you will get a list of several categories of computer settings which can be altered.
  • From that list, find and choose the category ‘Hardware and Sound’. This opens a new page within the Control Panel window, where you can look for the option ‘Devices and Printers’
  • Under that section, find and then tap on the link ‘Device Manager’. This will launch a new window, which has a list of all the devices installed within the computer along with their drivers.
  • Within this window, locate and double-click on the device ‘Sound, video and game controllers to get an expanded list of driver software.
  • Next, from that list right-click on the audio driver software and then choose the option ‘Uninstall device’ from the popup menu. After that, once the message box comes up then, select the button ‘Uninstall’ to confirm the removal of this audio driver.
  • Finally, reboot the computer and check whether this glitch comes back or not. When the computer boots up for the next time, then automatically the audio driver will be installed.

Reliable Software to Play the AVI Video File

If none of the above points on this section allows you to play the ‘.avi’ video file, then the feasible solution that you have is to search for a reliable software from the internet and install it. Follow the below steps in order to install a reliable software.

  • First, choose your preferred web browser, then search for the reliable software that can play the AVI video file.
  • Then, from the output of this search, locate an application that is quite popular among many users. After that, go to the official website of that reliable software and download the setup file. It is better for you to get software that is free of cost rather than paying for a player. So do proper research and then download it.
  • Once the download procedure of the setup file is complete, then find and double-click to execute it.
  • When the installer opens up, then follow the instructions that come up on the window of the installer and accordingly install the software.
  • Now, wait for a minute or two, so that the installation process gets over. After that, double-click on the icon of reliable software to launch it.
  • At last, attempt to play a video file with the extension ‘.avi’ and see if this problem resurfaces or not.

End Verdict

When you encounter the error 0xc00d5212 on your Windows 10 computer while trying to play a video file that ends with ‘.avi’, then follow one point or all of them from the previous section to rectify it. Now, if even after following all the points on the above section, still, you are unable to correct this issue, then do not worry at all. Just, provide details about the query (that you have faced while applying some points present in the last section) on the comment section present at the lower end of the page.

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