Failed To Obtain IP Address: Fix It With Some Easy Solutions

Most of the time, users encounter the ‘failed to obtain IP address’ error message because of a wireless interface. Sometimes, due to a software conflict or when the airplane mode is enabled, this error occurs.

Apart from this, back-list settings in the Mac address and the router glitch can be other reasons for the occurrence of this error message in the device.

You might encounter this error message while accessing a Wi-Fi network. Once this error message occurs, then the router will be unable to assign an IP address to the device. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of the situation with some proven techniques.

Easy Fixes for Wifi Failed to Obtain IP Address Issue:

On some user’s system, the error message shows as ‘Obtaining IP address’. However,  the solutions to get rid of it are the same.

Solution 1- Re-adding the Network

This resolving technique will automatically reconfigure some settings and provide you a new IP address. To perform the task, first, proceed to the Settings and after that, select Wi-Fi.

On the next screen, tap on the Forget Network button.

Again, tap on the Network. Then, type the password and reconnect it.

Solution 2- Disable the Airplane Mode

Disable the Airplane Mode

Here, you have to first turn on the Airplane mode and after sometimes disable it. To turn it on, first, reconfigure the network settings of the router. 

Once the Android device is entered into the Airplane/flight mode, wait for 10 to 15 seconds. After that, disable the Airplane/flight mode and check if your Device Manager connects to the Wi-Fi network.

Solution 3- Restart the Android Device and Router

Restart the Android Device and Router

To reboot the Android device and router, follow the given directions.

Step 1

Type ‘command prompt’ in the search field and press the Enter key. Once the Command Prompt window opens, enter ‘ipconfig’ inside the newly opened command prompt window.

On the next page, scroll down and choose the Wireless LAN Adapter Wi-Fi. After that, copy the default gateway IP.

Step 2

Now, within the web browser, paste the Default Gateway and hit the Enter key. In most cases, you have to sign in with the username and password.

However, if you don’t know this and never changed the login credential before, then use the default credentials. Enter ‘Admin’ in both the case.

Step 3

If it is not working for you, then perform an online search with the ‘router model and default password’. You can quickly find the default login credentials. 

Once done, then click on the Restart or Reboot button. On some models, you can see this under the System tools. Tap on it and wait for the router to restart.

Step 4

Switch to the Android device and also restart it. Again, connect the local Wi-Fi network and see whether the device manages to obtain an IP address or not.

Solution 4- Set the WPA2- PSK

Set the WPA2- PSK

Here is how to set up the WPA2-PSK to get rid of “failed to obtain IP address” issue. 

  • Navigate to the router’s web interface and tap on the Wireless Security Settings. You will see the option under the Security or WLAN. However, it totally depends upon the router’s model.
  • Once you locate them, then check which encryption is used by your router. If it is set on AES, change it to the TKIP. If it’s TKIP, set it to AES.
  • Click on Save. Now, open the Settings app on your device.

    Then, press the router’s network button for a long time.

  • Click on Forget Network and after that, enter the password and reconnect it.

Solution 5- Disable the Mac Filter

Disable the Mac Filter

At first, sign in to the web interface of the router. Next, search for the security tab and expand the list. Ensure that the ‘Mac Filter’ option is deactivated. In case it was enabled, then unmark the box and tap on the Save button.

Switch to your Android device and tap on the Settings app, From there, move to Wi-Fi and press the router’s network button. After that, tap on the Forget network and again reconnect it by entering the password.

If the issue gets fixed, then, move to the Security tab of the router. Again, re-enable the Mac filter and select it. If you see the filter mode is set to ‘blacklist’ and this mode also appears on your Android device, then delete it and tap on the Save button.

Solution 6- Assign a Static IP Address

Assign a Static IP Address

If all the above five solutions fail to resolve the problem, then assign a static IP address to the device. Before applying this procedure keep in mind that it is a temporary solution and whenever you switch to the Wi-Fi network, you need to reconfigure the network settings.

Now, to implement this solution first, open the Settings. From there, proceed to the Wi-Fi network and click on the network that refuses to connect.

Afterward, select the Modify Network button. Here, drop down and ensure that the box next to the ‘Show Advanced Options’ is marked. Now, set the IP settings to Static.

Within the IP address field, change the last octet with any number from 10 to 255. Ensure that it is different from the one that you already have.

Click on Save and check the error status.

Solution 7- Perform a Factory Reset

Perform a Factory Reset

Lastly, perform a factory reset to fix the error. In order to do so, proceed to the Settings app. Here, drop down and tap on System. Next, tap on Advanced options and choose the Reset button.

On the next page, tap on the Erase All Data button and select Reset Phone option.

One of the above resolving techniques should remove the ‘failed to obtain IP address’ error message from your Android device.

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